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Strategic planning

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Planning Scheme Amendments 

Amendments to the scheme can range from the rezoning of a parcel of land to the incorporation of a new structure plan or policy and may be requested by Council, a landowner or a statutory authority.

Please select from the links below to view current amendments on the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning website or links leading to information about amendments:

People working on a white board

Amendments in progress

Inverleigh Structure Plan Amendment C87

At its meeting on 26 March, 2019 Council resolved to adopt the Inverleigh Structure Plan. 

The final Structure Plan brings together the findings and outcomes of open and extended consultation, including surveys, workshops, listening posts, conversations and written submissions.

The document presents all of this as dialogue to accompany the Framework Plan.

The Framework Plan is the visual presentation for guiding the future growth and development of Inverleigh.  It will become the compass for rezoning and planning applications. The video above explains how the final plan came together.

Together, the Inverleigh Structure Plan and Framework Plan provide capacity for Inverleigh to sustain its current growth rate with sufficient infrastructure to support this. 

Some of the key points of the Inverleigh Structure Plan are:

  • Retaining the town boundary
  • Removal of the minimum 1 and 2 ha minimum lot sizes in the Low Density Residential Zone (LDRZ) to be consistent with the LDRZ provisions across the shire
  • Inclusion of new flood mapping.
  • Incorporating the findings of the feasibility study of the western edge of town for residential growth
  • Expansion of the township (as LDRZ) in response to the closure of the broiler farm
  • Responding to the Strategic Bushfire Assessment undertaken for the town

Embedded in the plans are the valued character elements and features of Inverleigh which will endure as the town continues to progress. Things like protection of the natural environment including the rivers, the heritage, the town boundary, the village atmosphere and role as a meeting place.

These features are all expressed in the Plan and accompanying objectives and strategies. They will comprise the formal planning policy to be inserted into the Golden Plains Planning Scheme. 

Council has also prepared a Facts and Questions flyer regarding restrictive covenants which can be viewed here. A number of properties in Inverleigh are subject to a restrictive covenant which will be of interest should the minimum lot size in Inverleigh change.   

Drafting of a Planning Scheme Amendment to implement the Inverleigh Structure Plan will commence shortly.

The Inverleigh Structure Plan and all relevant attachments can be found below. 

Inverleigh Structure Plan

Attachments A to J Maps and Plans

Attachment K Development Feasability Study

Attachment L Strategic Bushfire Risk Assessment 

Attachment M Townships Clause

What Happens Next

To see passage of the plan into the Golden Plains Planning Scheme, a prescribed consultation process is required by the Planning and Environment Act 1987.  

Submissions will be called for as part of the planning scheme amendment process. Council will provide a 60 day period for submissions to be made. Public notices in local circulating papers will advise when the exhibition period commences. 

Council encourages submissions to the planning scheme amendment and each submission will be presented to Council for consideration. Council can then decide to make changes in response to submissions received, or alternatively refer the submissions to an independent Planning Panel appointed by the Minister.

Officers from the Strategic Planning team can be contacted to discuss the details of the Structure Plan at any time. 

Northern Settlement Strategy Amendment

The Northern Settlement Strategy (NSS) is a high level strategic framework which directs future growth in the north of the Shire. The NSS  was adoped by Council in April 2019.

The NSS:

  • Accommodates an additional 2,000 people in the north of the Shire by 2030
  • Supports infill development in Smythesdale
  • Identifies the need for a new Structure Plan for Haddon
  • Supports the investigation of land for greenfield development within close proximity to the City of Ballarat
  • Provides guiding principles for how development should be considered
  • Provides a framework for how growth should be accommodated

An amendment to the Golden Plains Planning Scheme is now being prepared to incorporate the key elements of the Strategy. The amendment process will include formal exhibition of the Strategy, providing an opportunity for submissions.

The Northern Settlement Strategy is available here

The Background and Issues Report is available below in two parts

The Background and Issues Report is supported by a number of studies including

Amendment C80 - Inverleigh Flood Study

The amendment proposes to implement findings taken from the Flood Risk Management Study Barwon Rivers at Inverleigh (Water Technology Ptd Ltd, 2018) by providing for more accurate flood mapping in Inverleigh. The location and extent of the mapping for the Land Subject to Inundation Overlay (LSIO) and the Floodway Overlay (FO) is proposed to be varied, as summarised below:

  • The Land Subject to Inundation Overlay (LSIO) or Floodway Overlay (FO) is proposed to be applied to eighty five additional properties not currently affected by the overlays.
  • Forty five properties that are partially affected by the LSIO or FO will now be subject to an increase in the extent of the overlays on the property. 
  • In a small number of areas the application of the extent of the LSIO and FO has been reduced.
  • In some cases an area currently affected by the LSIO is proposed to have the overlay deleted and replaced with the FO and vice versa.

In addition the LSIO1 and FO1 Schedules are proposed to be introduced and applied in Inverleigh (replacing the existing LSIO and FO schedules). This has the effect of varying the Planning Permit exemptions under these Overlays.  

Minor policy neutral changes are also proposed for Clause 22.11 (Floodplain Management).

The amendment was exhibited in February and March, 2019. 

Proposed mapping changes and documentation relevant to the amendment can be viewed below:

Existing LSIO – FO Map 24 (Proposed for deletion and replacement with the map below)

Proposed LSIO1-FO1 Map 24

Existing LSIO – FO Map 27 (Proposed for deletion and replacement with the map below)

Proposed LSIO1-FO1 Map 27

Explanatory Report

Flood Study

Existing LSIO Schedule (Proposed for removal from Inverleigh and replacement with the schedule below)

Proposed LSIO1 Schedule

Existing FO Schedule (Proposed for removal from Inverleigh and replacement with the schedule below)

Proposed FO1 Schedule

Proposed Clause 22.11 (Floodplain Management)

Amendment C74 - Rezoning of land in Hopes Plains Road, Inverleigh

The amendment applies to Lot 1 TP372637J and Lot 1 TP397040G at 230 Hopes Plains Road, Inverleigh.

The amendment seeks to rezone the land from Farming Zone (FZ) to Low Density Residential Zone (LDRZ) and apply the Design and Development Overlay Schedule 5 (DDO5) and Development Plan Overlay Schedule 16 (DPO16). The subject site is identified in the Inverleigh Structure Plan (2005).   

Amendment C74 was exhibited in August 2018. 

A Planning Panel to resolve submissions to the amendment occured on 17 December, 2018. The Planning Panels report was received on 17 January, 2019 and is available here.

Council considered the Panels recommendations at its meeting on Tuesday 26 March, 2019 and the amendment has subsequently been submitted to the Minister for Planning for approval.

Strategic Plans and Policies 

A current list of planning projects are provided below. 

Current Projects

Bannockburn Transport Strategy

Council officers are hosting a drop in session for anyone who may be interested in discussing the key features and recommendations of the project.

Where:    Bannockburn Cultural Centre, 27 High Street, Bannockburn

When:     Wednesday June 19

Time:      11am - 3pm

Golden Plains Shire Council, with support from the Victorian Planning Authority, has developed a Transport Strategy to provide a 20 year traffic, car parking, pedestrian, cycling and public transport strategy for the Bannockburn township. 

The purpose of the Strategy is to identify future transport usage and requirements and consequential infrastructure requirements. This has arisen due to Bannockburn's population growth and the effect from: future residential development; proposed commercial development; the Bannockburn Heart Project; new schools; the Emergency Management Precinct and increased traffic. 

The Strategy will outline the required network upgrades to support Bannockburn's population for the next 15-20 years. 

A survey was undertaken to gain local knowledge of areas of concern and to gather suggestions on possible solutions from the community and other key stakeholders. The survey findings along with a Traffic Modelling Report and a range of other information including traffic, car parking and road accident data and an analysis of future transport requirements have been used to inform the development of the draft Existing Conditions, Issues and Opportunities Assessment and a set of recommendations (maps). 

The components of the Transport Strategy currently available for review are:

Existing Conditions, Issues and Opportunities Assessment

Recommendations (Maps)

Traffic Modelling Report

Regional Growth Plans

G21 Geelong Region Plan

The G21 Geelong Region Plan is a sustainability plan for the region that looks toward 2050. It identifies and addresses the challenges the region will face in the areas of environment, settlement, land use, community strength and economy as well as the need for change in the way we make things happen.

The plan was developed during 2006/07 and represents the work and opinions of hundreds of people and organisations including G21 Councils, the State Government, peak bodies and environmental, community and business organisations of the region.

G21 is the alliance of a variety of independent organisations with a shared vision for the Geelong region.

Members of the alliance include the municipalities of Colac Otway, Golden Plains, Greater Geelong, Queenscliffe and Surf Coast, the Victorian Government and over 100 community and business organisations committed to securing a bright and sustainable future for the region.

The alliance is not an authority, it is a collaborative voice for the region that provides:

  • A platform for the region to speak with one voice to all levels of government.
  • A forum to discuss ‘big picture’ regional issues across interest groups and municipalities.
  • Efficiency through facilitating multi-agency collaboration and sharing of information and resources.
  • More resources from all levels of government and the private sector through the co-ordination and prioritisation of regional projects, and
  • Alignment of the objectives of major regional organisations with those for the sustainability of the region.

Find out more about the G21 Region Plan.

Central Highlands Regional Growth Plan

The Central Highlands Regional Growth Plan provides a regional approach to land use planning in the Central Highlands. It covers the municipalities of Ararat, Ballarat, Golden Plains, Hepburn, Moorabool and Pyrenees and identifies opportunities to encourage and accommodate growth and manage change over the next 30 years. 

Find out more about the Central Highlands Regional Growth Plan.

Structure Plans

Bannockburn Urban Design Framework


​Batesford sturcture plan

Gheringhap Structure Plan

The Golden Plains Shire Council prepared Amendment C62 to the Golden Plains Planning Scheme. The amendment implemented the Gheringhap Structure Plan 2012 into the Golden Plains Planning Scheme by introducing Clause ‘21.10 Gheringhap’ into the Municipal Strategic Statement. The Structure Plan identifies land suitable for an employment area in the Gheringhap locality. The documents relating to the Gheringhap Structure Plan 2012 are available below:

If you have any queries in relation to the amendment please contact us and ask for the Strategic Planning department.

Inverleigh, Meredith, Lethbridge and Napoleons structure plans

Rokewood, Corindhap & Dereel Urban Design Framework

Council has released the adopted Rokewood, Corindhap & Dereel Integrated Urban Design Framework (RCD IUDF).

The Rokewood, Corindhap & Dereel Integrated Urban Design Framework is made up of three key documents, including:

  • A Community Action Plan, including a plan for community facility and service provision for the three towns
  • Town Structure Plans for Rokewood, Corindhap & Dereel that will ultimately be included in the Golden Plains Planning Scheme
  • A Town Place Plan for Dereel that identifies township improvements, complementing the Town Place Plans that already exist for Rokewood & Corindhap

These documents can be accessed via the links provided below:

Shelford Structure Plan

The Golden Plains Shire Council prepared Amendment C66 to the Golden Plains Planning Scheme. The amendment made changes to the Local Policy Framework Clause 21.03 and replaced the Shelford Structure Plan 1997 with the Shelford Structure Plan 2013.

The amendment rezoned Crown allotments 25 and 26B Rokewood-Shelford Road, Shelford from Farming Zone to Low Density Residential Zone and applied the Design and Development Overlay and Development Plan Overlay to the site.

The extent of the Heritage Overlay was also amended to reflect the siting of historic buildings, trees and driveway on Crown allotments 25 and 26B Rokewood-Shelford Road, Shelford (Manse Estate).

The documents relating to the Shelford Structure Plan are available below:

Overlay Schedules:

Zone and Overlay Maps:  

Smythesdale Urban Design Framework

Other Strategic Publications

Inverleigh Flood Study

Council adopted the Inverleigh Flood Study on 25 September, 2018. 

The study provides a better understanding of flood behaviour in the township of Inverleigh and provides for more accurate flood mapping. The study is the basis for Amendment C80. A copy of the flood study can be found below.

Inverleigh Flood Study

Heritage Study

The Golden Plains Shire Heritage Study Stage Two was adopted by Council in 2009. The final reports are attached providing details of all the sites proposed to be included within a Heritage Overlay or Significant Landscape Overlay.

An amendment to the Golden Plains Shire Planning Scheme is currently being prepared to apply the relevant overlays as outlined above.

If you have any questions regarding the Golden Plains Shire Heritage Study please contact us.

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