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Early Years Resource Page

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Kindergarten & Occasional Care Handbook 




Information for Parents/Carers

In 2012 the National Quality Framework (NQF) introduced a new quality standard to improve education and care across long day care, family day care, preschool/kindergarten and outside school hours care services.  The National Quality Standards (NQS) are how all early childhood education and care services are assessed and rated to ensure a high level of educational and developmental outcomes for children.

Our polices and procedures have been built around the key seven (7) quality areas of the National Quality Standard (NQS).

So what are the seven (7) quality areas?

1.  Educational program and practice
2.  Children's health and safety
3.  The physical environment
4.  Staffing arrangements
5.  Relationships with children
6.  Collaborative partnerships with families and communities
7.  Leadership and service management


For more information regarding the NQF and the NQS please visit:

1.  Educational program and practice

Curriculum Development Excursions and Service Events
Interactions with Children Inclusion and Equity
Inclusive Practices - FDC  

*policy currently under review.

2. Children's health and safety

Acceptance and Refusal of Authorisations Excursions and Service Events
Administration of Medication Nutrition and Active Play
Child Safe Environment Relaxation and Sleep
Dealing with Infectious Diseases Road Safety and Safe Transport
Delivery and Collection of Children Sun Protection
Emergency and Evacuation Supervision of Children
Asthma Management  Anaphylaxis
Animals & Domestic Pets - FDC specific Illness Procedure - FDC
Transport - FDC Visitors and Visitors Register - FDC
Administration of First Aid Dealing with Medical Conditions
Diabetes Epilepsy
Food Safety Policy Incident, Injury, Trauma and Illness

*policy currently under review.

3. Physical environment 

Child Safe Environment Tobacco Policy
Environmental Sustainability Water Safety
Assessment & Reassessment of FDC Venues Hygiene

*policy currently under review.

4. Staffing arrangements

Determining Responsible Person Staff Health and Wellbeing*
Participation of Volunteers and Students Staffing
Professional Behaviour Provision of Information, Assistance and Training - FDC
Recruitment of FDC Educators

*policy currently under review.

5.  Relationships with children

Interactions with children  

*policy currently under review.

6.  Collaborative partnerships with families and communities

*Enrolment and Orientation Information and Communication Technology
Enrolment & Placement of Children - FDC  

*policy currently under review.

7.  Governance and leadership

Complaints and Grievances Privacy and Confidentiality
Inclusion & Equity Professional Behaviour
Occupational Health and Safety Bannockburn Children's Service Fees
Governance and Management of the Service Fit & Proper Assessment - FDC
Keeping a Register of FDC Educators Monitoring Support and Supervison of FDC Educators
Payment of Fees - FDC  

*policy currently under review.

Support and Resources for Victorian Parents and Carers

Click on the relevant age group below to find out more practical information for Victorian parents and carers.

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