About Golden Plains Youth

Our Vision: Young people are connected, resilient and empowered to lead active and fulfilling lives.


The Golden Plains Youth Development Team, a crew of professional, energetic and engaging youth workers, are driven to engage and support young people aged 12 to 25 years in fun, meaningful and inclusive programs, activities and events. 

The team’s work is informed by four key pillars: Pathways, Connection, Advocacy and Empowerment, and Accessible and Inclusion. 

Pillar 1: Pathways

Young people in Golden Plains Shire have highlighted the need for more accessible training opportunities to provide them with the necessary skills, attributes and confidence to pursue meaningful pathways of education, employment and training. 

Pillar 2: Connection

It has been shown that when young people feel connected to their community, it promotes feelings of safety, improves local engagement and provides an opportunity for young people to be heard. By connecting young people to the community and enhancing their sense of belonging, young people are provided with opportunities to feel connected and a sense of belonging. This improves overall wellbeing and has been shown to enhance how a person can feel more connected to their community.

Pillar 3: Advocacy and Empowerment

When a person is provided with the skills and education to be able to advocate for their needs, it builds a sense of empowerment. When a community feels empowered, they also grow in resilience. 
Golden Plains Shire Council wants to run programmes that are relevant, timely and appropriate to the needs of young people. What better way to understand the emerging trends of youth in the community than to engage directly with local young people. Providing avenues for young people to advocate for their own needs, the Youth Development Team empower them and support them to be active and engaged citizens.   

Pillar 4: Accessible and Inclusive

Providing young people with safe spaces will help them feel accepted within their community. Services will be provided to best support young people in a way that promotes equality, embraces diversity and celebrates differences. 

Council Youth Development programs and spaces will: 

  • Allow young people to express freely who they are
  • Allow young people to feel free from prejudice 
  • Allow young people to feel free to show and express who they truly are
  • Provide education opportunities to those who may need it
  • Be financially accessible

Youth Action Plan

Coming soon: The Golden Plains Youth Development Action Plan 2022/23 is currently under development. 


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