Golden Plains Shire road network is one of the larger local government road networks in Victoria, with 1,712 kilometres of sealed roads, gravel roads and unformed roads. 

Road Hierarchy

Golden Plains Shire has a road network comprising of Highways and Main Roads, as well as Local Roads.

Highways and Main Roads

Highways and Main Roads are fully managed by VicRoads. Highways are A and B class roads and Main Roads are C class roads in the statewide route numbering system.

CouncilRoadsResponsibility map.jpg

A and B Class Roads (managed by VicRoads) highlighted in blue and red.

If you wish to report a VicRoads managed road defect/fault, you can contact:

Local Roads

Most Local Roads within the Shire are the responsibility of Council; for management, maintenance and construction. Local Roads will either be sealed or unsealed.

Some unformed roads and tracks in forest areas and CFA fire access tracks are the Shire’s responsibility; others are the responsibility of Government Departments such as DELWP.  Call our Customer Service team on 5220 7111 for more information.

Sealed Roads

Most sealed local roads within the Shire are the responsibility of Council. This includes the management, maintenance and construction of roads.   

The most common defects reported for sealed roads include potholes and deterioration of road surface. If you wish to report a sealed road defect/fault, please contact Council’s Customer Service Centre on 5220 7111 or report an issue online.

Unsealed Roads

The unsealed road network, managed and maintained by the Shire, is approximately 716 kilometres in length. With a growing population, more people than ever are travelling around the Shire and Council is delivering a new scheduling system for grading unsealed roads that is better, more efficient and fairer for road users across the Shire.

Our Commitment

Council have developed a new Unsealed Roads Charter and Road Grading Program to commit to the maintenance of unsealed roads that are managed by Council. All unsealed roads will be graded once per financial year, and defects attended to in line with our unsealed roads charter.



Road Grading Program

We have created a Road Grading Program to allow for each unsealed road in the Shire, that are maintained by Council, to be graded throughout the year. The aim of the Grading Program is to answer the most common question we hear - “when will our road be graded”.  The program will provide our customers with that answer and assurance of when each road will be graded.

The program runs from March to November. During the warmer months, when it's too dry for maintenance grading works to be cost effective and efficient, graders may be engaged to complete drainage, construction or sealed road shoulder maintenance.

If Council receives a request from a customer that an unsealed road requires maintenance due to perceived poor condition, our Works Inspector will conduct an inspection on the road in line with our intervention levels. If intervention levels have been exceeded, maintenance will be undertaken within 30 days of the road being inspected.

The intervention levels for unsealed roads are as follows;

  • Corrugations: > 65mm depth for more than 30% of 1km of road length
  • Pot Holes:  >100mm depth and >400mm diameter

If you wish to report a Local Road defect/fault, please contact Council’s Customer Service Centre on 5220 7111 or report an issue online.

Click here to report a road

Roads and Signage Fact Sheets

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Application Form 1:  Works Within Road Reserve application form

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