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Golden Plains Shire Council's Annual Reports provide a snapshot of a financial year for Council. So if you are interested in seeing the highlights, achievements, governance, financials and other key information about a particular year, give Council's Annual Reports a read.

Below you can find the six most recent Annual Reports, as well as those from previous years.

Annual Report 2022/23

AR 2022-23




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Correction to Annual Report 2015-16: page 42 states that collected waste tonnages have decreased from 5,442 tonnes to 4,485 tonnes; the correct decreased tonnage is 4,060 tonnes. The Annual Report correctly states that this represents a decrease in the tonnage of waste being deposited at landfill of 25%. Council apologises for its oversight.

Older Annual Reports

If you would like to see Annual Reports from prior to 2004, please contact us.

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