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Health premises include hairdressers, beauty therapy providers and tattooists. Learn about how to meet Council's requirements as a health premises business.

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Under the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008, Registered Premises are considered to be a business conducting one or more of the following activities:

  • Hairdressing;

  • Beauty therapy;

  • Tattooing;

  • Skin penetration; and/or

  • Colonic irrigation.

The businesses listed above, and any others involving penetration of the skin, must be registered with Council. The objective of such registration is to protect public health and prevent disease, illness and injury.

Registration requirements

Application to Register a Registered Premises

Infection Prevention and Control Guidelines for Hair, Beauty, Tattooing and Skin Penetration Industries

Premises that conduct hairdressing only (no waxing or other beauty therapy activities) can apply for a once-off ongoing registration. All other registered premises are required to register annually from 1 January to 31 December. As part of the registration requirements, an Environmental Health Officer will conduct at least one inspection of the premises annually to ensure compliance with the appropriate standards including the guidelines listed above.

Before opening for business you are required to apply for registration. To do so, you must submit the following to Council:

  1. Application to Register a Registered Premises form; and
  2. Applicable registration fee.

Business owners are also encouraged to submit floor plans for approval prior to the commencement of any structural works to ensure compliance with the relevant structural guidelines.

You will then be contacted to arrange a pre-registration inspection. Registration may then be granted after inspection once Council is satisfied that the premises is structurally satisfactory and that there are adequate infection prevention controls in place.

If you are purchasing an existing health premises, you must apply to transfer the Public Health and Wellbeing Act Registration before settlement. This is the responsibility of both parties.

Purchasing an existing health premises

Request a for Pre-Transfer Inspection

Application to Transfer a Registered Premises

If you are purchasing an existing Health Premises, then a transfer of the Public Health and Wellbeing Act Registration needs to occur. This can be done by submitting the above transfer form to Council’s Environmental Health Department and paying the nominated fee. If you have not yet purchased the business, it is strongly recommended that you request an inspection of the premises prior to settlement. This will identify any outstanding orders that may exist on the premises, which will ultimately become your responsibility after settlement. The Request for a Pre-Transfer Inspection form can be used for this purpose.

Other Council Department Requirements

Please contact Council’s Planning and Building Departments on (03) 5220 7111 to ascertain if any additional requirements are applicable.

Further Information

 For further information regarding Public Health and Wellbeing Act registration, contact Councils Environmental Health Unit on (03) 5220 7111 or email [email protected]

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