Golden Plains Shire Council Budget

Golden Plains Shire Council Budget 2023/24 (the Budget) was adopted by Council at its meeting on 28 June 2023, locking in more than $49m to deliver more than 70 services to the Golden Plains community.

The Budget reflects Council’s commitment to striking a balance between rate revenue, the long-term financial sustainability of Golden Plains, whilst maintaining and improving services that are valued by our community, within the 3.5% maximum rate cap as set by the Minister for Local Government.



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Key Features of Budget 2023/24

This budget recognises the current economic climate with inflationary pressures and significant increases in costs, noting inflation is trending towards 8%, utility costs have increased up to 11%, civil construction costs up to 15% higher than historic levels, commercial building rate increases up to 20% higher than historic levels, and material costs for items such as gravel, concrete and steel have increased upwards of 20%-40%.  Council is continuing to support customers experiencing financial hardship by including $50k for a rate rebate to assist those in need.

  • $49.1m to deliver more than 70 services to the Golden Plains community
  • $22.5m continued investment in capital assets
  • $1.1m for resealing local roads
  • $900k for improvements to local roads
  • $800k for local gravel roads re-sheeting 
  • $200k for kerb and channel projects
  • $856k for community safety
  • $758k for community development
  • $75k for LED street lighting
  • $1.9m for bridge renewal and replacement
  • $500k for emergency drainage works 
  • $400k for drainage program
  • $809k for stormwater drainage improvements
  • $468k on economic development
  • $478k on youth development
  • $50k for community and recreation facility beautification/safety works
  • 3.50% rates cap in 2023/24

Community Infrastructure Projects in Budget 2023/24

  • $805k Bannockburn Skate Park
  • $350k Maude Community Hall
  • $450k Bannockburn Family Services Centre extension
  • $500k Woady Yaloak (Smythesdale) Lighting
  • $1.79m Bannockburn Vic Park Netball Pavilion
  • $1.8m Teesdale Don Wallace Rec Reserve Clubroom Improvements
  • $2.3m Inverleigh Active Youth Space

Key Operational Programs included in Budget 2023/24

  • Preparation of an Open Space Strategy for the Shire
  • Continuation of the Community Strengthening Grants Program
  • Funding for six more communities to progress through the Community Planning Program 
  • Development of 2 recreation reserve masterplans for the Smythesdale Gardens/Brewery Dam and Woady Yaloak Equestrian Centre to guide future development
  • Completion and adoption of the Tracks and Trails Strategy 
  • Completion and adoption of the Footpath Strategy
  • Completion and community consultation on Waste Services transition to reflect State mandated 4 bin service
  • Completion and adoption of Moorabool River Reserve Masterplan
  • Continued development and implementation of the Core Systems Transformation Project
  • Implementation of new Learning and Development and Performance Management Strategy
  • Development and implementation of the Safety & Wellbeing Strategy
  • Funding for various programs to support active ageing, youth development, and the general health, wellbeing and inclusion of all cohorts across the community

What’s New in Budget 2023/24

  • Rate Cap: State Government 3.50% rate cap included in 2023/24. 
  • $50k Rate Rebate to assist customers in need
  • Waste Management Charge: $427 per household in 2023/24

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