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Septic Tank Systems

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Under the Environment Protection Act 1970, any person requires a permit from Council to construct, install or alter any part of a septic tank system. Legal penalties apply for work carried out without a permit.
The permit consists of a two stage process:

  •  A ‘Permit to Alter/Install’ a septic tank system.  This permit must be issued before a building permit can be issued.
  •  A ‘Certificate to Use’ the septic tank system.  This permit must be issued before a building Certificate of Occupancy can be issued.

Please note Council can only approve septic systems that hold a current 'Certificate of Conformance' under the relevant Australian Standard. For a list of these systems refer to the EPA website. Council can not recommend a particular brand or model.

For general information on septic tank systems refer to Council's Septic Tank Brochure.

If you are planning to install or alter a septic tank system and for guidance on the permit/application process refer to Council's Guide for Installation or Alteration of a Septic Tank.

Application to Install/Alter a Septic Tank System

Application to Install/Alter a Septic Tank System Form 2018-2019

Application for Extension of Time or Amend Septic Permit

Extension of Time and Application for an Amended Septic Permit Form 2018-19

Please note that the responsibility to complete the above form can either be the plumber or the owner; however, the application form must be signed by the owner and submitted with the applicable fee.

Amendment to Original Application and/or Permit

Whenever there is a change or amendment to the original signed Application to Install a Septic System, there is a requirement to notify Council's Environmental Health Department.

An application to change or amend a permit also includes the appointment of a different plumber to install the system as that mentioned on the original Application and Permit to Install.

Please note that in the event of an ownership change, a new permit will be required and any existing permit will be void.

Extension of Time

Should you require an extension to your Permit to Install/Alter, you will need to complete the above form and return to Council with the applicable fee at least twenty eight (28) days prior to your Permit expiring.

Should an extension of time be granted, this extension will be valid for twelve (12) months. No additional extensions will be granted. If the system has not been installed and approved within this extended period of time, you will need to lodge a new Application to Install/Alter a Septic System.

Request for Existing Septic Tank System Information or Assessment

Council may be able to recover archived information relating to your existing Septic Tank System. Should you wish to apply for such information, please complete the Request for Septic Tank System Information Form and return to Council with the applicable fee.

When extending an existing dwelling or conducting other building works, a determination need to be made about whether the existing septic tank system is still suitable or whether it requires alteration or replacement. If you require an assessment to be undertaken by Council, please complete the Assessment Request for Septic Tank System Assessment Form and return to Council with the applicable fee.

Towards Better Onsite Wastewater Management in Victoria - Community Education Series

Please note that since the printing and production of these information and fact sheets, there has been a revision of the EPA Code of Practice. These fact sheets are now currently under review. Golden Plains Shire does not guarantee the accuracy of the information provided and as such should be used as a general guide only.

Fact Sheet 1: Basic Design Information for Conventional Septic Tanks and Absorption Trenches (6647 kb)

Fact Sheet 2: Package Treatment Plants (Basic Design Information) (2169 kb)

Fact Sheet 3: Septic Tank with Sand Filter (1926 kb)

Fact Sheet 4: Septic Tank with Reed Bed (1611 kb)

Fact Sheet 5: Split Systems (Septic and Grey Water Systems) (1804 kb)

Fact Sheet 6: Common Disposal Methods for Onsite Wastewater Management (4424 kb)

Fact Sheet 7: In-Situ Septic Tank Systems and Other Historic Septic Tank Designs (4420 kb)

Fact Sheet 8: Licensed Plumbing Practitioners Responsibilities with Domestic Wastewater (2396 kb)

Fact Sheet 9: Service Agents Responsibilities (1554 kb)

Fact Sheet 10: Land Owners - Considering installing or altering an onsite domestic wastewater management system (2763 kb)

Fact Sheet 11: Operation and Maintenance of Domestic Wastewater Systems - Home Owners and Renters (2290 kb)

Fact Sheet 12: Land Owner - Land Capability Assessment (1744 kb)

Council's Domestic Wastewater Management Plan

In July 2015, Council adopted a Domestic Wastewater Management Plan developed in conjunction with RMCG Consultants, the local water authorities and other stakeholders. This plan details how Council manages domestic wastewater within the municipality. This plan includes;

  • Broadscale land capability data and mapping
  • Land Capability Assessment requirements
  • Audit program for existing septic tank systems
  • Council's action plan for domestic wastewater management

The Domestic Wastewater Management Plan is in two volumes. The first volume being the plan itself, whilst the second volume contains data spatial mapping and discussions which support the plan.

Golden Plains Shire Council - Domestic Wastewater Management Plan - Volume 1

Golden Plains Shire Council - Domestic Wastewater Management Plan - Volume 2 - Technical Reports

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