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Golden Plains Shire Council is in caretaker mode during the Election Period from 12pm, Tuesday 22 September to 6pm, Saturday 24 October, 2020. For more information, click here.

Local Avian Influenza Update: To stay-up-date on current advice and restrictions for all Golden Plains Shire bird owners, click here.

Pet Registration

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A labrador in the park

To assist with identification, pets must wear their registration tag at all times.

Registration costs increase annually, but discounts apply for de-sexing, and dogs and cats over 10 years of age.

All dogs and cats must be microchipped.

Contact Customer Service on 5220 7111 for current registration costs.

Relevant Animal Applications and Forms

Animal Registration Form

Excess Animal Application Form (More than 2 dogs or 2 cats)

Amend Excess Animal Application Form

Working Dog Statutory Declaration

Delay in Desexing Application (For Vet to sign)


Registration Fees 2020-2021

Animal Registration Form

Registration categories:-

  1. Dog or Cat Reduced Rate: $47.00 (Pension concession: $23.50)
  • Any animal which is desexed (proof required) 
  • Owner is a member and animal is registered with any of the following approved organisations: Dogs Victoria,   Australian National Cats Inc., Feline Control Council Victoria Inc., The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy Australia & Victoria.
  • Farm working dogs (defined as per Domestic Animals Act 1994, A Dog kept usually on rural land by a primary producer and primarily kept or trained for the purpose of droving, protecting, tending or working livestock on a farm.)  click on link for Working Dog statutory declaration. This statutory declaration must be completed and submitted with your animal registration form. 
  • Any animal over the age of 10 years.

       2. Standard Cat Registration: $136.00 (Pension concession: $68.00)

  • Any cat not described under category 1

       3. Standard Dog Registration: $152.00 (Pension concession: $76.00)

  • Any dog not described under Catergory 1

       4. Declared Guard Dog: $183.00 (no concession) 

  • A dog kept for the purpose of guarding non-residental premises

       5.  Declared Menacing Dog: $209.00 (no concession)

  • A dog which is declared menacing following an incident of chasing or rushing at a person or animal

       6. Declared Dangerous or Restricted Breed Dog: $314.00 (no concession)

  • Council has declared the dog dangerous because it has caused the death of or serious injury to a person or animal by biting or attacking
  • The dog is of a restricted breed

Failure to register or renew the registration of a dog or cat over the age of 3 months is an offence with a current fine of $330 (2020/2021 financial year).

Payment must be received at time of registration. Should you request a call for payment on your registration form, the payment must be made when you are contacted. Failure to pay for the registration will result in the animal not being registered and potential penalty infringements being issued for failure to register a dog or cat under the Domestic Animals Act 1994.

New Payment Plans

As part of Council’s support to residents during the COVID-19 pandemic, Council is offering payment plans for animal registration renewals in 2020.

The payment plan option will be available via BPAY. Residents who are unable to pay their registration by 10 April and would like to sign up for the 2020 payment plan are encouraged to call Council’s Customer Service at 5220 7111.


Please note that the BPAY Biller Code on the 2020 Animal Registration Renewal Notice was incorrect.  

Currently on the 2020 Animal Registration Renewal Notice

BILLER CODE:  2338 for cats and 2337 for dogs

Correct Biller Code


The printed Biller Code does not exist so there is no risk of lost payment. The BPAY Reference number is correct as printed in the 2020 Notice.

Council apologises for any inconvenience. If you have any questions about the Biller Code or paying your animal registration renewal notice, please call Council’s Customer Service team at 5220 7111.

Frequently Asked Questions

Renewing a pet registration? Take the orange 2020 renewal notice you received in the mail and pay the registration cost by any of the ways listed on the notice. That’s it: your pet is registered for 2020. If your pet was registered last year and you have not received a notice in the mail, call 5220 7111.

How much does pet registration cost? The full annual registration fee is $136 per cat and $152 per dog, but most people will pay the discounted registration of $47, available to pets that are microchipped and desexed. For a detailed list of discounted options, click here.

No longer own the pet on your notice? If your pet has died or does not live at your property for any reason, please complete and return the Statement of Change slip on the back of your renewal notice; or call Council and the registration will be updated. This simple action will save you and Council the time and effort of sorting out an old registration down the track.

Why are dogs and cats registered?

First, it’s the Victorian Government law for all dogs and cats over three months of age in Victoria to be registered with their local Council and wear registration tags. The Victorian Government sets a fine for failure to register or renew the registration of a dog or cat over the age of 3 months. This is currently $330.

Second, when registered pets are lost or stray from home, it’s easy for Council to safely and quickly reunite the pet and their family.

Finally, pet registration fees cover part of the cost of Council’s animal management services including rescuing stray animals, providing shelter care, and investigating situations of aggressive animals or owner neglect. The remainder of the service cost is recovered through user pays fines to the pet owners. For example, the cost of impounding a cat or dog is $250 plus officer time and vehicles costs.

Registering a pet for the first time?

If you have a dog or cat that is unregistered, call 5220 7111 and we will help you complete the registration. Remember to have paperwork on-hand to show your pet is microchipped and desexed to qualify for the discounted fee.

How many animals can I own?

Golden Plains Shire has a limit of two dogs and two cats per property. There are also limits on other animals, such as chickens and horses; particularly in residential parts of towns. Council’s Community Protection Officers will be actively auditing properties to ensure compliance. If you wish to keep more animals than listed in Council’s Local Law No. 2 General Public Amenity, you will need permission from Council.

Want to know more? For answers to your questions or to register your pet, call 5220 7111.

Pet adoption

Occasionally pets that find their way to the pound are not collected by their owner. After eight days in the pound, these pets become available for adoption provided they are healthy and not aggressive. The Ballarat Animal Shelter and the Geelong Animal Welfare Society are always trying to find a new home for these pets. 

Visit the Ballarat Animal Shelter and Geelong Animal Welfare Society (GAWS) pet adoption web pages where you may be able to find your new best friend!

Animal Numbers

While it's great to have pets, too many animals can cause amenity problems in your neighbourhood. Golden Plains Shire has a limit of two dogs and two cats per property. There are limits on other animals such as chickens and horses; particularly in residential parts of towns, and you should contact Council to ensure that you don't have more animals than you are allowed.

You will need permission from Council if you wish to keep more than allowed number of animals, unless they are dogs in a rural area used exclusively for droving or drafting livestock. Application forms for obtaining a permit to keep more than two dogs or two cats can be obtained from either of Council's customer service centres or by clicking the link below.

Please speak to our Community Safety Team if you intend to breed your dogs as this form may not be applicable to you. 

Application for Keeping more than 2 dogs or 2 cats

Amend permit for Keeping more than 2 dogs or 2 cats

Other Pets

While cats and dogs are popular choices, it is important to choose a pet that is suited to your lifestyle.

There are a number of other popular pets people may choose to keep, which have no registration requirements with the Council. Other popular pets include rabbits, birds, fish, horses, ferrets and reptiles.

However, it is important to remember that whatever the pet, you are responsible for the care and welfare of the animal. For more information on various pets and their needs, visit Agriculture Victoria’s Other Pets page.


Desexing your pet - fact sheet

Registration and Identification - fact sheet



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