Domestic cats make wonderful pets, but they can cause problems in the community.


Council receives a number of nuisance complaints regarding domestic cat activity within the Golden Plains Shire.

A key objective of Council’s Domestic Animal Management Plan seeks to ‘provide the community with a clear understanding of Council’s expectation of pet owners’. Our team is committed to reducing documented cat nuisance complaints. 

Across the Shire the majority of cat nuisance complaints relate to feral cat populations and in response Council has made cat traps available for residents with ongoing concerns. Within a residential street a cat can create a nuisance in a number of ways including cats fighting, scratching furniture, attacking or disrupting other pets, or killing native wildlife.

Several solutions are available to residents to address the ongoing problems associated with cats dependent on the level of ownership and problems presented.

Suspension of Cat Trap Hire

Council will not be offering or performing cat trapping within the municipality for the foreseeable future.

We have made changes to our cat trapping services as the result of a nationwide cat vaccine shortage, due to production issues.

This is to reduce the number of cats needing to be taken to our contracted shelters, GAWS and City of Ballarat Animal Pound, who are currently experiencing critical supply shortages. 

While the situation will be actively monitored, cat trapping services will resume as soon as possible.

Cat Enclosures - Reduced Cat Registration Fee

Owners of cats within Golden Plains Shire who have a dedicated cat enclosure, either separate or attached to their house, and where the cats do not roam outside of the enclosure, can apply to have their registration fee halved. (For new registrations, this will apply immediately. For current registrations, this will apply when registrations are due in April 2024). This program does not apply to owners of fertile cats.

The registration fee for any cat owner with an approved enclosure will be $25 per year or $12.50 for applicable concession card holders. 

Registered Cats

Complaints with townships received by Council often relate to the activities of registered cats, which if encountered by our Community Protection Officers will not be impounded unless the owner cannot be contacted or located. We are therefore relying on cat owners to assist Council by keeping cats indoors at night where possible. Furthermore, if you suspect that your cat is causing a nuisance on a neighbouring property you are encouraged to explore options for containing the cat within its yard.

It is important to not only ensure you have you cats registered in Golden Plains Shire, but also make sure your cat's registration is up to date.

Update Your Pet Registration Details

Subsidised Cat Desexing Program


Council, the National Desexing Network and local veterinary clinics have joined forces to offer residents in need a subsidised desexing program to help prevent unwanted cats.

This program is free to pensioners, healthcare card holders, victims of family violence, residents on low incomes and people with too many cats to afford. 

In addition, if cats are not already microchipped at the time of desexing, residents will pay just $5 to have their cat microchipped and free Council registration will be provided for the first registration period.

The program is managed by the National Desexing Network. If you need support, please phone the National Desexing Network on 1300 368 992 to find out if you are eligible. If eligible, you will be issued a desexing voucher and can then contact the vet to make an appointment. These subsidies are available while funds last.


Cat Adoption

Geelong Animal Welfare Society (GAWS) in Moolap and Ballarat Animal Shelter (PetRescue) in Alfredton have animals available for adoption. You can have a look and see if your new family member is waiting for you by clicking the attached links.






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