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About Your Rates and Valuations

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Rates and charges

Rates and charges levied during a financial year are a charge on the property. All Golden Plains Shire ratepayers will receive their 2021/22 Rate Notices in the mail in August, 2021.

For most residents, the annual Rates Notice is one of the larger bills you receive each year. While your tax payment to fund the State and Federal Government is likely taken out of your income before you receive your pay, your contribution to community projects and services delivered by Local Government comes to you in one rates notice.

There are three options for paying your Rates & Charges in 2021/22:

  1. Pay in one full payment by 15 February 2022.
  2. Pay in four instalments, due at the end of September, November, February, and May. Direct debit is available or notices are mailed out for each instalment with a range of payment options.
  3. Pay in 10 monthly direct debit payments, due on the 15th of the month from September 2021 to June 2022.
    To sign up for monthly direct debit payments, please contact Council’s Rates Team at 5220 7111.

If those options aren’t possible for you, we are happy to work out an arrangement that suits you better. We appreciate that every rate payer has their own situation and we can help – just call Council’s Rates Team at 5220 7111 for a confidential conversation.

For more information on your Rates Notice, download our Rates Brochure or contact our Rates Team at 5220 7111.


Receive your rates online

Register to receive your rates online 

If you register on this site you will be able to review or print your rates notices at any time. 

Annual notices and instalments notices will be available. If you have any questions please contact us.

Methods of payment

  • POST billpay: Pay in person at any post office, by phone: 13 18 16 or go to (Credit cards are accepted). Refer to the POST billpay reference number on the front of your rates notice.
  • BPAY: Telephone your participating Bank, Credit Union or Building Society to make this payment directly from your cheque, savings account or credit card. Your Bank may also offer Bpay via internet banking. For more information visit
  • Direct Debit: Direct Debit is available for four legislated instalments and ten alternative monthly payments. Click here to download an application form. Click here to cancel an existing Direct Debit.
  • By Post: Forward either a money order or cheque crossed "Not Negotiable" and payable to Golden Plains Shire Council. In line with common business practice a receipt will not be issued unless requested. Please mail payment to Golden Plains Shire Council, PO Box 111, Bannockburn Vic 3331
  • Personally: Pay by cash, cheque or EFTPOS (includes Credit Cards) at either of the Customer Services Centres located at:
    • 2 Pope Street, Bannockburn:  Telephone (03) 5220 7111 Facsimile (03) 4206 7011 Office Hours: Mon-Fri. 8.30am-5pm
    • 19 Heales Street, Smythesdale: Telephone (03) 5220 7111 Facsimile (03) 4206 7011 Office Hours: Mon-Fri. 8.30am-5pm

COVID-19 Financial Hardship Policy

In July 2021, Council extended a revised COVID-19 Financial Hardship Policy for the 2021-2022 financial year, giving significant relief for local residents and businesses that need it the most. Council approved the following measures on eligible 2021/2022 rates payments:

  • Waive a maximum of $500 off rates at the principal place of residence for residents who received Jobseeker as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic;
  • Waive a maximum of $500 off rates on businesses that received Jobkeeper payments as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic; and
  • Waive $100 off rates on properties for residents who can demonstrate a 30% or more reduction in income.

Eligibility criteria for the COVID-19 Financial Hardship Policy has also been updated, recognising that Jobkeeper payments are no longer offered by the Federal Government.

The COVID-19 Financial Hardship Policy, and application form, are available to download below. If you have any questions about the form or applying, please contact our Rates team at 5220 7111 for a confidential conversation.



Interest penalty on late payments

In Full or Instalment Payment Options:

  • If not paid by the respective due dates, then the manner in which interest is charged on both payment options, is on and from the date on which each missed instalment was due. Interest continues to be payable until the account is paid in full. Interest will be charged at 10% pa as fixed under Section 2 of the Penalty Interest Rates Act 1983. Interest is charged in accordance with Section 172 Local Government Act 1989.
  • If you are having difficulty paying your rates by the due date, please contact Customer Service to arrange alternative payments. Failure to make contact can lead to legal costs and a poor credit rating. 

Change of Address

Property owners and ratepayers of properties are required to notify Council of any changes to their address. This must be done in writing via mail, fax or e-mail. Alternatively you can contact Customer Service to obtain a change of address form, or download one by clicking here. 

Non-receipt of rate notices or delays in postal delivery, in many instances, are not the fault of Council and therefore are not considered to be an acceptable excuse for late payment of rates. If a rate notice has not been received by mid September, please contact us to obtain a copy.


All rateable properties are valued annually. The undertaking of Land valuations (for rates, fire services levy and land tax purposes) in Victoria is now the responsibility of the Valuer-General Victoria and will be conducted on an annual basis rather than every second year. 

Objection to Property Valuation

Any person who desires to object against their valuation, must lodge an objection with Council within two months of the issuing of the rates notice. The grounds for objecting against the valuation are stated on the prescribed form, which can be obtained by contacting the Rates team.

To lodge an objection, use the link to the Valuer General Victoria's Objection Portal below:

Lodge an objection

Pension Concession

Under the State Government's Pensioner Rate Assistance Scheme, Council can provide a 50% deduction on the Council rate, municipal and garbage charges, up to a yearly maximum $247 for 2021-22. There is also eligibility for $50 to be deducted from the Fire Service Levy. To be eligible for the concession, you must:

  • Hold a current Centrelink or Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA) Pensioner Concession Card, or a DVA Repatriation Health Card specifying 'War Widow'. (Note: Holders of a Health Care Card are not eligible for a concession).
  • The property for which you are seeking the rebate is your Principal Place of Residence
  • Not yet made an application for any other property, or with any other council during the financial year

To apply for this concession please present your concession card to one of our Customer Service Officers. There is no need to re-apply if we already have your details. 

Additional information may be obtained from the Department of Human Services website:  Concessions - Department of Human Services, Victoria, Australia

Farm Rate 

Council offers a concessional rating differential (10% to 15% reduction from the standard Residential rating differential) to genuine framers who meets the eligibility criteria listed under Section 2 of the Valuation of Land Act 1960. As per the Act and Council's rating purposes, “Farm land” means any rateable land,

(a) that is not less than 2 hectares in area; and

(b) that is used primarily for grazing (including agistment), dairying, pig-farming, poultry-farming, fish-farming, tree-farming, bee-keeping, viticulture, horticulture, fruit-growing or the growing of crops of any kind or for any combination of those activities; and

(c) that is used by a business -

           (i) that has a significant and substantial commercial purpose or character; and

           (ii) that seeks to make a profit on a continuous or repetitive basis from its activities on the land; and

           (iii) that is making a profit from its activities on the land, or that has a reasonable prospect of making a profit from its activities on the land if it continues to operate in the way that it is operating.

Eligible farms over 40 Hectares can receive the 15% discounted rating differential, while eligible intensive farms can receive the 10% discounted differential.

If you are currently registered with the Australian Tax Office as a “Primary producer” and meets the above-listed criteria under Farm land please contact the rates team to request an application form to become eligible for the farm concession rate.

Forms & Applications

Direct Debit Request Form

Land Information Certificate Request Form

Ownership for Fencing

Municipal Rates Concession

Objection Form Residential

Objection Form Rural

Objection Form Commercial/Industrial

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I pay Rates?

Rates are a property-based tax, not a direct user charge for services received. Local Government has a responsibility to provide access to services and infrastructure for the public benefit of all. The choice not to use services, or the benefits of Council infrastructure, does not remove the expectation that all property owners pay a fair share of rates.
Rates and charges assist in providing a range of services including road construction and maintenance, recreation and community facilities, home and community care, garbage collection, town planning and economic development, just to name a few.

Where do my Rates go?

Within Golden Plains Shire, rates revenue is utilised as follows:

  • Road & Street Infrastructure - Which includes roads, bridges, footpaths, drainage, street beautification, asset management & street lighting.
  • Recreation & Community Development - Which includes arts, culture, youth development, libraries, recreation facilities.
  • Human Support Services - Maternal & child health, children's services, aged & disability services, community transport, community health & health promotion.
  • Environment & Land Use Planning - Building & planning services, environment & public health management & fire protection.
  • Civic Leadership - Governance & advocacy, strategic planning, emergency management and occupational health and safety.
  • Financial Management - Statutory reporting & budgeting, records management, plant replacement & land valuations.
  • Waste Management - Garbage collection, tips & litter control.
  • Citizen & Customer Service - Customer service centres, communications & marketing.
  • Economic Development - Tourism, economic development.

How are my Rates Calculated?

Rates are calculated by multiplying the total value of your property (land plus improvements) which is known as the Capital Improved Value (CIV), by the relevant 'Rate in the Dollar', which is set by Council annually. The rate in the dollar varies according to the type of property. This information can be found on your current rates notice.
Other charges in addition to rates, where applicable;

  • Municipal Charge of $310.60
  • Garbage Charge of $379

What is a Municipal Charge?

The municipal charge is a flat fee of $310.60 (2021/2022) applicable to all assessments, irrespective of the valuation or type of property. It was introduced to cover part of the administrative costs of operating Council, and to assist with the equitable spread of the rate burden across the whole Shire.

What is a Garbage & Recycling Charge?

This charge covers the cost of collecting and disposing of domestic garbage and recycling from all dwellings within defined garbage collection areas in the Shire. The charge is compulsory for dwellings whether the service is used or not.

What do the three Valuations on my Rate Notice Mean?

The three valuations shown are the Site Value (SV), Capital Improved Value (CIV) and the Net Annual Value (NAV).

  • Site Value (SV) - The market value of the land only
  • Capital Improved Value (CIV) - The total market value of the land plus buildings and other improvements
  • Net Annual Value (NAV) - either 5% of the CIV or the current value of a property net annual rental

For more information, please contact us.

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Council acknowledges the traditional Wadawurrung owners of this land. Council pays its respects to Wadawurrung Elders both past and present and extends that respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People who are part of Golden Plains Shire.