Residential and Industrial Land Supply

Strong residential growth in the south eastern and northern regions of the Shire places additional pressure on surrounding areas for development. 

Residential and Industrial Land Supply

Residential Land Supply Review

It is the responsibility of Golden Plains Shire to monitor growth and supply of residential land to ensure opportunities for development are provided.

A review has been undertaken to ensure that the towns within our municipality provide sufficient land supply to accommodate residential growth or in contrast, to ensure there is not an oversupply of residential land. While major town centres have more recent structure plans and urban design frameworks in place, it is important to ensure their respective plans are being successfully implemented. The residential land supply review is also necessary to guide Council's future budgeting for strategic planning work in coming financial years.

Residential Land Supply Review

G21 Land Supply Monitor

The G21 Land Supply Monitor provides a visual representation of the information collected as part of the residential and industrial land supply assessment. There are separate reports detailing the residential and industrial land demand and supply situation for the municipal areas of Geelong, Colac-Otway, Queenscliffe and Surf Coast and the southern component of the Golden Plains Shire that can be accessed through the G21 Regional Growth Plan website.

The G21 Land Supply Monitor is an online tool that provides an innovative mapping interface, available to the public, to view and report on both industrial and residential land supply data within the region, including rural residential and urban infill. Other layers may be switched on and off such as zoning and overlays, cadastre, SLAs, LGAs and 2012 aerial imagery for Greater Geelong (aerial imagery for other municipalities is the Google Maps imagery). The tool has all the usual capabilities of a typical mapping tool. Users are encouraged to read the User Guide (accessible through the online tool) to gain a full appreciation of the tool’s functionality.

To access the tool, please go to

Land supply data across the region will be reviewed and updated periodically, which will then trigger an update of the online mapping tool. As users of the online tool identify instances where the status of land parcels change (i.e. land shown on the online tool as vacant, is developed), they are encouraged to email Spatial Economics by clicking on the “About” button. This data will be compiled and incorporated into future periodic reviews.

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