Fences in Victoria are subject to the Building Regulations, the Fences Act, Title covenants and common law. So if you’re considering checking, changing or building a fence, please read on.

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Fences and Building Applications

Victorian Building Regulations

The following building regulations specify the requirements for fence height, length and positioning :


  • Reg 89 (2)  Front fence height
  • Reg 90 (2)  Fence setbacks from side and rear boundaries  
  • Reg 91 (5)  Fences on or within 150mm of side or rear boundaries 
  • Reg 92 (2)  Fences on street alignments 
  • Reg 94 (6)  Fences and daylight to windows in existing dwelling 
  • Reg 95 (3)  Fences and solar access to existing north-facing habitable room windows 
  • Reg 96 (3)  Fences and overshadowing of recreational private open space 

Where a specific fence design does not meet the rules set out in the Regulations, you may be able to apply to Council for consent to get the design approved. Refer to our Report and Consent page.

Check with your builder, building surveyor or architect if you are not sure if a specific design meets the applicable regulation. Also your property Title may have a covenant that outlines the type of fencing permitted in your sub-division.

Building Permits

The Victorian Building Authority publishes When do I require a building permit which includes the requirements for fences.

Fences and neighbours

The Fences Act states that neighbours are jointly responsible for the cost of building or maintaining a fence.

In the interests of neighbourly goodwill, if you intend to build a fence you should try to talk to your neighbour first and (if possible) agree on the fence type, shared costs and so on.

If you are unable to contact the neighbour, use the Ownership Details for Fencing Purposes form to contact Council for assistance.

Fencing Disputes

If there is a dispute about the construction of the fence, its cost or the proportion of costs to be met, the matter may be referred to the Magistrates Court. The Dispute Settlement Centre can also be invited to assist in order to avoid court. Council does not become involved in such disputes.

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Please contact Council's Customer Service for the application for ownership details for fencing purposes form.

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