Total Fire Ban and Extreme Weather - Saturday 18 March

Total Fire Ban

A total fire ban has been declared for Golden Plains Shire on Saturday 18 March.

Under the new Fire Danger Ratings, tomorrow is an extreme fire day which indicates dangerous fire conditions, and residents should expect hot, dry and windy conditions.

What should you do to protect yourself and your property on an extreme fire day?

  • Check your bushfire plan and that your property is fire ready.
  • If a fire starts, take immediate action. If you and your property are not prepared to the highest level, go to a safer location well before the fire impacts.
  • Reconsider travel through bushfire risk areas.
  • Leaving bushfire risk areas early in the day is your safest option.

The CFA has advised due to expected extreme weather conditions on Saturday 18 March, the planned burns for District 7 and District 15 have been postponed until Saturday 25 March with the following exceptions:

Cressy Shelford Rd and Rokewood Shelford Rd burns will occur on Sunday 19th March.

All schedule 13 permits have been suspended until noon Sunday to limit fire in the landscape prior to the predicted extreme weather on Saturday 18 March.
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