Reduced Fees for Cat Owners in Golden Plains

Reduced Cat Fees
Community Safety

Cat owners in Golden Plains Shire with a dedicated cat enclosure can now apply to have their animal registration fee halved.

A new initiative outlined in the Golden Plains Shire Council Budget 2022/23, the reduced fee of $24.50, or $12.25 for applicable concession card holders, is available to residents with a cat enclosure separate to or attached to the home, where cats do not roam outside of the enclosure. 

The reduced fee is applicable immediately for new registrations and will apply to current registrations when renewals are due in April 2023. This does not apply to owners of fertile cats. 

Council, in partnership with the National Desexing Network, are also continuing to offer a subsidised desexing program to help prevent unwanted cats. Residents on pensions or low income or with too many cats to afford to desex will receive free desexing, microchipping and first year registration.

Golden Plains Mayor Cr Gavin Gamble says Council is pleased to be able to offer reduced fees for cat owners within the Shire. 

“Council is committed to supporting responsible pet ownership in Golden Plains and incentives such as the subsidised cat desexing program and halved registration fee initiative for cat owners with cat enclosures make it more affordable to own a cat in the Shire.

“These programs not only assist those who may not have otherwise been able to afford these services but also assist the wider community by reducing feral cat nuisance issues and their impact on the Shire’s wildlife, while also lowering the costs for Council to collect, home and rehome unwanted litters.”

Application forms for the reduced cat registration fee program can be found online via Council’s website: 

For further information on the subsidised desexing program, residents can phone the National Desexing Network on 1300 368 99. If eligible, they will be issued a desexing voucher and can then contact the vet to make an appointment.

Golden Plains Animal Hospital, Smythesdale Animal Hospital and Bannockburn Veterinary Clinic are all participating in this program for Golden Plains Shire residents.  

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