Motorists Awareness at School Crossings

School Crossings 3
Community Safety

Council’s school crossing supervisors play a crucial role in the safety of the children using our region’s school crossings. Motorists paying attention and following the road rules is also central to the safety of the children using the crossings and to our school crossing supervisors.

As schools return for Term 1 this week, Council would like to remind all motorists to take extra care during school hours and to remember the road rules at school crossings. Motorists should always watch out for children near schools and should remember they:

  • Must drive at a speed at which they can, if necessary, stop safely before the crossing.
  • Must stop, if practicable, if a hand held “Stop” sign is displayed.
  • Must proceed only when all children and adults, including the supervisor, are clear of the crossing and the stop sign is no longer displayed towards drivers.
  • Must not overtake a vehicle stopping or stopped at the crossing. 

We thank everyone for their efforts in keeping the community safe at school crossings.

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