Let's Buy Local this Festive Season

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Business & Economic Development

Golden Plains Shire Council is proud to support the local business community and encourages residents to keep their money in the Shire this festive season.

When you are preparing for the holidays, please consider these valuable ways to support local businesses in Golden Plains:

Buy Local

Impressive wines, delicious food and stunning arts and crafts: it’s all made right here in Golden Plains. When you are buying this Christmas, visit a farmers’ market or store and look for local products to support our Shire’s creatives and makers. 

Celebrate Local

Hosting Christmas festivities this year? Save yourself the hard work and treat your friends and family to a great coffee, drink or meal at a local café, restaurant, winery or pub. When planning a work Christmas function, make a booking at one of many great venues in Golden Plains and support hospitality in the Shire.  

Gift Local

Golden Plains Shire is home to a variety of charming stores to find the perfect Christmas gift. You can also visit a farmers’ market to purchase locally-made presents. Looking for a gift idea? Pick up a gift card for a local business, winery or restaurant in Golden Plains. 

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