Keep Rubbish Out of Recycling

Waste message 2023

Did you know the recycling bins in Golden Plains Shire contain on average 77% recyclables and 23% contaminants? This is approximately 10% higher than the state average contamination rate of 13.3%. 

Recycling is contaminated when the wrong items are placed in the recycling bin. It is a myth that you should put everything that could possibly, maybe, or sort of be recycled in the recycling bin ‘just in case’.
In reality, garbage in the recycling contaminates otherwise recyclables materials, increasing costs for Council and the amount of recyclable materials being sent to landfill.

Frequent examples of contaminants include:  

  • Plastic bags
  • Broken glassware or mirrors 
  • Batteries
  • Clothing and other textiles
  • Food containers with food in them
  • Building materials, like timber or bricks
  • Paper towels 

What you can do:

  1. Learn, know and understand what items can go into your yellow-lidded recycling bin by visiting Council’s Waste Sorting Guide.
  2. Support others to increase their knowledge about recycling by modelling correct behaviour and answering questions.

Thank you for recycling.

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