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Construction on the stormwater infrastructure project at the Bannockburn Industrial Estate is progressing well. 

The stormwater infrastructure project at the Estate includes a new retarding basin and pipe network to manage the stormwater on the surrounding parcels owned by Josco Pty Ltd. The earthworks for the basin have been completed and the next step is the installation of the drainage pits, pipes and endwalls.

The $3.1 million stormwater infrastructure project is funded by a $2 million grant from the Victorian Government’s Regional Infrastructure Fund and a $1.1 million investment by the landowner, Josco Pty Ltd.

The installation of the stormwater infrastructure project will unlock an additional 21.7 hectares of adjoining land for the next stage of the Bannockburn Industrial Estate on Holder Road. Currently, the Estate is home to local businesses in 35 lots across 12 hectares including a gym and self-storage units.

Mayor Cr Gavin Gamble says the expansion of the Bannockburn Industrial Estate is a key project to drive economic development in the south of the Shire. 

The Bannockburn Industrial Estate is a busy light industrial precinct, home to many local Golden Plains’ businesses, and the expansion of this site will provide a significant boost to the Shire’s economy. 

Right now, there are tenants at the Estate that want to grow their businesses and need bigger sites to make this happen, as well as a waiting list of new businesses who are keen to move in and join the Shire’s expanding local economy. All this is possible with the expansion of more than 21 hectares in this next stage, which will almost triple the size of the Bannockburn Industrial Estate. 

The key to unlocking this industrial land is the stormwater project and Council was pleased to work with property owner, Josco Pty Ltd, and the Victorian Government to secure the funding last year that has driven this project. 

With the construction on track for completion in 2022, we look forward to seeing these open paddocks become the home of new businesses and expanded existing local businesses, as well as the workplace for local residents to live and work in Golden Plains Shire.

The Bannockburn Growth Plan (BGP) will deliver 6,000 additional homes – and more than 18,000 new residents – in the south of the town, significantly increasing the population of the Golden Plains Shire. 

Enquiries about lots in the Bannockburn Industrial Estate may be directed to John O’Shannassy, Director of Josco Pty Ltd., at 0438 809 299.

Pictured: Mayor Cr Gavin Gamble and John O’Shannassy, Director of Josco Pty Ltd, at the Bannockburn Industrial Estate. 

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