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The Draft Economic Development, Tourism & Investment Attraction Strategy 2022-2032 (Draft EDTIA Strategy) is on public exhibition and Council welcomes community feedback on the plan

Endorsed by Council at its 23 August meeting, the Draft Strategy delivers a vision and action plan for economic, business and tourism development in Golden Plains Shire over the next 10 years. 

The Draft EDTIA Strategy outlines four priority focus areas for the next decade: small towns and enterprise; productive, sustainable landscapes; escape the city; and Shire-based health and education. The strategy’s action plan details Council’s commitment of delivery for all focus areas over the next four years and beyond.  

With analysis on the current state of the Golden Plains Shire economy and identification of industries of potential, the Draft EDTIA Strategy lists key infrastructure projects and support programs that will close the gap between the current situation and future potential. 

In the development of the Draft EDTIA Strategy, Council has undertaken economic analysis and research to understand the state of the Golden Plains economy. Direct consultation with local businesses and tourism operators, as well as feedback from the community survey, also informed the direction and focus of the strategic plan. 

Golden Plains Shire Mayor Cr Gavin Gamble says the Draft EDTIA Strategy is important to all Shire communities. 

Many of the strategic objectives of the Council Plan 2021-2025 are directly connected to the health and growth of the local Golden Plains Shire economy and our communities. 

Positive economic development and investment attraction, along with a healthy and sustainable tourism market, support our local small businesses, larger industries and job creation and stability in Golden Plains. 

The Draft Strategy also extends beyond the traditional economic commitment and includes very important actions to advocate for and improve local health services, education and climate change initiatives. 

Council is very keen to hear from residents across the Shire on their thoughts on the Draft Economic Development, Tourism & Investment Attraction Strategy and I encourage people to share their views over the coming month.

The Draft EDTIA Strategy is published on Council’s website and hard copies are available at its Customer Hubs at 2 Pope Street, Bannockburn and 19 Heales Street, Smythesdale. 
Community members can make a submission on the Draft EDTIA Strategy from 25 August to 22 September 2022:

  • online at goldenplains.vic.gov.au/consultations;
  • by email to [email protected]; or
  • by mail addressed to the Golden Plains Shire Council, PO Box 111, Bannockburn, VIC 3331, marked ‘Urgent: Draft EDTIA Strategy 2022-2032’.

Submissions close at 5pm, Thursday 22 September. All submissions will be considered prior to Council adopting the final Economic Development, Tourism & Investment Attraction Strategy 2022-2032 at its October meeting.

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