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Thank you for having your say on the Bannockburn Bike Park Concept Design
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About the Engagement

From Wednesday 9 November to Monday 5 December, Council sought feedback from community members to help guide the design of the proposed Bike Park at the Bannockburn Skate Park. Residents were invited to have their say on what they would like to see as part of the design at a community design workshop and community survey. 

Based on feedback provided by the community, Council has developed a concept design of the proposed bike park at the Bannockburn Skate Park, with community members invited to provide commentary on the proposed design. 

Features included in the concept design that were identified as important to users of the bike park and the broader community include separate tracks for riders with different skill levels, shaded rest areas, seating, car parking, connecting paths, a bike repair station and drinking fountain.

The concept design features three different tracks designed to challenge riders of all skills levels including a beginners skill track, an intermediate race style asphalt pump track to cater to both bmx/mtb racers and recreational riders, and an advanced jump line featuring a wooden deck drop off start point and wallride extension.  

Engagement Update 

Community members were invited to provide commentary on the proposed design which was on public exhibition from Wednesday 22 March to Wednesday 12 April, 2023. 

The proposed design can be viewed below. 

Bannockburn Bike Park Masterplan

What Happens Next 

With a community supported design, Council will now advocate at a State and Federal government level for funding to deliver the proposed bike park.

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