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Active Ageing and Inclusion Plan 2020-2024

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Golden Plains Shire Council’s Active Ageing & Inclusion Plan 2020-2024 was adopted at Council’s February Meeting. Thank you to everyone who had their say on the Draft Plan in December and January, as well as during the initial engagement in 2019.

Golden Plains Shire Council Active Ageing & Inclusion Plan 2020-2024



Golden Plains Shire is home to an estimated 3,380 residents who are over the age of 65, and more than 4,000 residents with a disability. Many of these residents face challenges and barriers in their everyday life and interacting with Council.

The Active Ageing & Inclusion Plan 2020-2024 seeks to improve the overall quality of life for our residents who face accessibility challenges, by removing barriers and making it easier for them to interact with Council. The document will guide future work to identify the needs of older residents and people with a disability, and assist Council to improve awareness of ageing, disablement and any related issues in Golden Plains Shire.

The Plan provides the framework to address active ageing, disability access and inclusion issues across all areas of Council’s operations. It identifies access barriers or opportunities and outlines 51 actions across four priority areas: Our Social Environment; Our Support Environment; Our Built and Natural Environments; and Our Leadership.

Engagement Update

Engagement Update: 

The Active Ageing & Inclusion Plan 2020-2024 was informed by extensive consultation. Building on the work undertaken in Council’s Access and Inclusion Plan 2016-2019 and Ageing Well in Golden Plains Shire Strategy 2012-2016, an initial round of community engagement and consultation with residents, Council staff and stakeholders occurred in August and September 2019. This feedback helped identify access barriers, issues, opportunities and potential priorities, and these were incorporated into a Draft Plan.

The Draft Active Ageing & Inclusion Plan 2020-2024 was open for public feedback from 16 December 2020 to 31 January 2021. The Active Ageing & Inclusion team held five in-person consultations across the Shire in January, including two in Bannockburn, and one post each in Meredith, Dereel and Smythesdale. Community members were also able to Zoom into the Smythesdale and first Bannockburn consultations. During this most recent consultation period, Council received 33 submissions on the Draft Plan, and changes were made based on this feedback, including shortening some timeframes for actions, removing reference to the medical model of disability and updating the document’s Shire map to include more communities.

The final Active Ageing & Inclusion Plan 2020-2024 was presented to Council at its 23 February Council Meeting, and was formally adopted.

The Active Ageing & Inclusion Plan 2020-2024 is now available at the link below or on Council’s Strategies webpage here.



August to September 2019

Initial community engagement undertaken

November 2020

Draft Plan prepared

15 December 2020

Council endorses Draft Plan to go out for public exhibition

16 December 2020

Public exhibition began

18 January 2021

Bannockburn & Meredith consultation sessions

20 January 2021

Dereel & Smythesdale consultation sessions

21 January 2021

Additional Bannockburn consultation at Bannockburn Plaza

31 January 2021

Public exhibition ended

23 February 2021

Final Plan adopted by Council

Contact Information

Leanne Green
Manager Active Ageing and Inclusion
5220 7111
Project Category: 
Ageing and Disability
Last Updated: 
Monday, March 1, 2021
Project Status: 
Past Project
Golden Plains Shire Council’s Active Ageing & Inclusion Plan 2020-2024 was adopted at Council’s February Meeting. Thank you to everyone who provided feedback.

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