Noise can come from a range of activities – here you can find information to assist in controlling and resolving unreasonable noise issues.

Annoyed by Noise?

Nuisance Complaint Form and Diary

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Noise can be from either residential and/or commercial sources. The Annoyed by Noise booklet produced by the EPA provides information on dealing with noise from residential sources. For noise from a commercial or industrial source, please visit the EPA website.

The best approach for dealing with noisy neighbours is to talk to them and work together on a solution to settle the problem. Sometimes neighbours are not aware that they are making unreasonable noise, or that they are disturbing you. Often talking to them can resolve your noise issue.

If you have spoken to your neighbour, and the noise continues, please complete the Nuisance Complaint Form and Diary for a minimum of two (2) weeks if you wish to submit a complaint with Council.

How to complete the diary:

  • Fill in as much detail as you can;
  • Each observation needs its own entry (or statement) in this diary - this makes it clearer to differentiate observations over time; and
  • Each entry should contain enough information to assist you to prepare a formal statement, if requested at a later date.


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