Community Strengthening Grants

Council has awarded Community Strengthening Grants to 17 Golden Plains community groups in Round Two of the 2022 program.
Community Strengthening Grants Round Two 2022

Council's Community Strengthening Grants Program has been a valuable source of financial support for local events, projects and programs in Golden Plains Shire communities for 26 years. There are two rounds of grants each year, with applications open annually during the months of April and September.

Grants of up to $10,000 are available in four streams:

  • The Environment and Sustainability stream offers grants to assist incorporated groups and organisations to undertake environmental and sustainability projects on publicly accessible land within Golden Plains Shire.
  • The Creative Community stream is available to assist incorporated groups and organisations to undertake arts and culture projects within Golden Plains Shire that directly benefit the Golden Plains Shire Community.
  • The Healthy Active Living stream is available to assist incorporated groups and organisations undertake sport, recreation, health and wellbeing projects that directly benefit the Golden Plains Shire Community.
  • The Community Safety stream is available to assist incorporated groups and organisations to undertake projects within Golden Plains Shire which increase the community's capacity, resilience and connection to plan for, rebuild and recover from emergencies or ongoing risks.

Groups must match the amount of funding sought, either in cash or through volunteer in-kind contributions, such as volunteer work on the project. 

The overall program has a maximum budget, where there was no dedicated fund to any individual stream. However, during the assessment process consideration will be made to the variety of applications to accommodate for a reasonable spread across the themes based on being appropriate to deliver on the community need.

There is now one guideline that incorporates all four funding streams. To view Council's Community Strengthening Grants overall Grant Guidelines, click here.

For more information about the Community Strengthening Grants Program please contact:

Council Planning and Grants Officer 

Phone: 5220 7111

The recipients of the second round of Council's Community Strengthening Grants 2022 are:

Environment and Sustainability
Lethbridge Primary School

Lethbridge Primary School’s existing greenhouse has deteriorated and in its current state is unable to be used. Council’s contribution of $3,597 to Bruce Creek Landcare Group will allow the group to purchase a new greenhouse to be located at Lethbridge Primary school so students can again expand their education in plant propagation. The new greenhouse will be supplied with indigenous plants.

Friends of Bannockburn Bush

Friends of Bannockburn Bush will continue to replace monoculture Acacia paradoxa with indigenous trees and grasses. Council is pleased to support this program with $2,020 funding which will support the maintenance of fences to keep the bush healthy, attractive and biodiverse.

Clarkesdale Bird Sanctuary

Clarkesdale Bird Sanctuary features 500 hectares of high conservation land, on Wadawurrung Country, south-west of Ballarat. Council will provide $7,000 in funding to support the ongoing habitat restoration work across the Sanctuary with Trust for Nature, BirdLife Australia and Parks Victoria staff, as well as many community volunteers.

Healthy Active Living
Dereel Community Hub

The Dereel Community Hub Inc wish to re-establish the annual "Back to School Lunch & Open Day". The Council grant of $2,000 will allow the event to proceed in 2023, providing fun for the whole family at the end of school holidays. This will include lunch, snacks, drinks, games and children’s entertainment.

Meredith Community Centre

Council is pleased to provide funding of $1,780 to support a day trip to Daylesford for the Senior community. The event will provide participants with an opportunity to socialise with other members of the senior community and aims to boost mental wellbeing following on from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bannockburn Inclusive

Council is pleased to award Bannockburn Inclusive a $2,200 Community Strengthening Grant to build on their current weekly program to increase the offerings to members that include art classes, games, educational opportunities, guest speakers and also provides for outings, lunches and morning teas. The program is much-needed in the community by helping increase social connectedness, reduce feelings of loneliness and combat isolation.

Cape Clear, Illabrook and Rokewood Junction Community Committee

The Cape Clear, Illabarook and Rokewood Junction Community Committee will provide an exciting night of music, laughter, food and dancing. Council is pleased to provide funding of $2,278 to support this event which will bring people together to build community spirit and social connection.

Bannockburn and Lethbridge Scout and Cub Groups

Council is pleased to support the Scout and Cub groups of Bannockburn and Lethbridge with $6,684 of funding to replace their tents.

The two groups currently have 41 youth members aged from 8 to 14 years of age. The tent replacement will allow the Scout and Cub members to enjoy camping trips throughout the year in all-weather conditions, while also enjoying the physical, and mental health benefits of getting outdoors.  




Friends of the Bannockburn Bush

Friends of Bannockburn Bush will be provided with $3,850 in funding to broaden the scope for volunteer works for habitat restoration within the reserve. The proposed track repairs will enable greater opportunities for people of all abilities to volunteer, and will improve the condition of the access tracks for emergency vehicles.

Haddon Community Learning Centre

Council is pleased to support the Haddon Community Learning Centre with their project to offer a monthly event that will include a nutritious and healthy meal and opportunity to ‘connect’ and enjoy company. The project is aimed at local district community members, particularly seniors who may be isolated, living alone, former residents, or those new to the area. An amount of $4,000 will be allocated to assist with the cost of the program.

Community Safety
Cape Clear Fire Brigade

Cape Clear Fire Brigade has been successful in securing a Community Safety Community Strengthening Grant. Council will contribute $3,190 to undertake a trial for the installation of 48 rural property address signs at strategic locations throughout the local area. This project is essential to have easily visible numbers from the road, especially at night, providing for a more rapid response during an emergency.

Inverleigh Mechanics Institute Reserve Committee of Management

Council is proud to award an $8,000 Community Strengthening Grant to the Inverleigh Mechanics Institute Reserve Committee of Management (Inverleigh Public Hall Committee) for heating and cooling at the hall. The project will decommission and replace three current gas heaters with new reverse cycle air conditioners permitting the ongoing use of the hall during winter and providing cooling during the hot summer months. The project is aimed at creating the best conditions for optimum participation and use of this valuable community facility.

Creative Community
Golden Plains Arts Inc.

The Fiesta is an all-embracing, diverse and interactive arts event aimed at addressing community wellness, and providing opportunities for local visual artists and performance artists to display their creative practices and sell their work. The Fiesta will draw together people for social interaction, while providing for an economic and tourism boost to the local vendors and artists. Council is excited to contribute $5,280 towards this important annual event.

Teesdale Mechanics Institute

Council is pleased to provide $898 in funding to the Teesdale Mechanics Institute for the Teesdale Community Hall. This project will restock the chairs and tables in the community hall to ensure the facility continues to be able to fully support its community use. The funding will deliver 21 new chairs and two new tables.

Third Age Mosaic Class (Ballarat University)

Council is excited to provide $4,109.81 in funding to the Third Age Mosaic Class from Ballarat University to fund 20 mosaic rocks along 1.5 km of the Woady Walk Mosaic Trail. The group will work closely with the local Smythesdale community and school to complete this project with the mosaics reflecting the natural and Indigenous history of the area. 

Corindhap Robotics Group

Council is pleased to provide $3,629.57 to fund a Robotics group in Corindhap. This project is initially aimed at young people in grades five to twelve, however there is scope to include younger siblings in the start-up phase. The program will develop creative expressions, teamwork, problem solving and critical thinking.

Bannockburn Community Planning Group Inc

Council will fund $6,387 towards an Indigenous Artwork Arbour which will see Indigenous Artist Steven Verde paint, stencil and router Aboriginal designs on 8 Ironbark Posts. Recognising our rich Indigenous heritage, students from Bannockburn P-12 College will support Steve in the routing and painting process. 

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