Youth Recognition Program

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Golden Plains Shire Council's Youth Recognition Program recognises and celebrates the achievements of young people aged 12 to 25 across Golden Plains Shire.

Delivered in partnership with the Department of Justice and Community Safety and the Victorian Government's Engage! Program, the Youth Recognition Program aims to recognise the achievements and contributions of young people in our community and celebrate their accomplishments.

As part of the program, community members are invited to highlight local young people aged 12 to 25 and their achievements.

Each month, a young person will be celebrated on the Council’s website and social media channels as Young Person of the Month.

For more information, contact Council's Youth Development Team on 5220 7111 or email [email protected].

Community members can nominate a young person by completing the submission form below. 

Young Person of the Month

Saxon Wilde

Saxon is an active member of the FReeZA Youth Events Committee and has contributed to helping run a number of events throughout the community. Most recently Saxon held the role of ticketing officer at the Battle of the Bands Event in Inverleigh, where he greeted attendees and checked tickets at the door. 

Saxon is also part of the Bannockburn College Band and has performed at many events in the community including singing at the Golden Plains Careers Expo and more recently he performed in Bannockburn Colleges Spring into Music event.  

Saxon is praised for his hardworking and passionate nature and demonstrates excellent leadership skills within the community.  

Congratulations Saxon! 


Holly October

Skylah Kent is an active participant in various youth programs. She proudly serves as a member of the Golden Plains FReeZA committee and holds an orange belt with one stripe in Karate. Additionally, Skylah is an integral part of the Bannockburn P-12 College Middle Years Rock Band and College Band.

Skylah's commitment extends beyond her musical and martial arts endeavours. She dedicates her time to attend weekly FReeZA meetings, where she contributes to event planning and shares her innovative ideas. She believes that FReeZA provides an excellent platform for young voices to be heard and for accomplishing meaningful initiatives tailored to youth in the community.

Skylah would like the community to know that a lot of hard work and dedication goes into planning and executing FReeZA events. Despite weekly meetings, it can take months to bring these events to fruition. 

Additionally, Skylah takes pride in advocating for individuals with disabilities. She acknowledges that they may face unique challenges and often require extra effort to accomplish tasks. However, she is resolute in her belief that individuals with disabilities, like herself, are fully capable of achieving anything that others can.

Skylah feels honoured to have been nominated, as it acknowledges her considerable efforts and underscores the importance of not underestimating young people. 

Congratulations Skylah! 


Holly Draffin

Holly is an oustanding digital creator who has a passion for showcasing agriculture through video editing and production. Holly lives on Emu Hill Farm where she brings quality photo and drone video footage to life through her business Emu Hill Ag, capturing the beauty of agriculture in the area.

Despite facing illness in the past 12 months, her resilience and creative focus has been inspiring. Holly’s passion has seen her receive an incredible amount of community support to which she feels very thankful for.

Holly is grateful for the community support she has received and feels humbled to be recognised for her passion and dedication in capturing the beauty of the region through social media and her business. It means a lot to Holly that there is a platform to recognise such remarkable young people who live amongst us in the

Congratulations Holly!

If you would like to support Holly in her incredible work, you can follow her on Instagram: @filmsbyholly_ and @emuhillag.

Image Credit: Jane Draffin


Jayden Scheier

Congratulations to the July Young Person of the Month...Jayden Scheier!

Jayden is an integral and valued member of the Youth Activation Committee, FReeZA Youth Events Crew and supporter of Youth Development programs. As a young person, Jayden has demonstrated an outstanding ability and commitment to seizing opportunities to empower and engage young people and is a profound example of how valuable young people are as leaders in the community. Jayden’s contributions to the Golden Plains community, particularly in advocating for young individuals, have been significant. 

When asked about the recognition, Jayden expressed pride and a sense of achievement. He believes his support and dedication are appreciated. 

Jayden also emphasises the importance of the Golden Plains Youth Hub in Bannockburn, which benefits both himself and other young people. However, he feels limited by the lack of transportation and desires to do more. As a young person in the community, Jayden is often called upon to act as the voice for youth and a positive role model.  

This at times, adds a certain level of pressure on Jayden, however, Jayden remains mature and determined to meet expectations. He values the opportunity to be an active member of Youth Development programs and appreciates the sense of community it provides through diverse activities.

Congratulations Jayden. 



Congratulations to the June Young Person of the Month...Jemma Mizzi!

Jemma has demonstrated exponential growth in her time being involved with the Golden Plains Youth Hub’s activities and groups. She is a leading member who’s not afraid to put herself out there and always brings passion to everything she does.

Jemma is a dedicated youth leader in the groups she’s involved in, and takes every opportunity to improve her community.

When asked what it means to be a young person in her community, Jemma talked about caring about other young people, ensuring that all their perspectives are seen and to be the voice for young people who may not always speak up. 

Jemma feels proud to be recognised as an individual and as a team member in the groups she’s involved in.

A fun fact about Jemma is that she absolutely loves cats!

Congratulations Jemma.

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