Volunteering Opportunities

There are a range of volunteer roles available across the Shire and a few opportunities are listed below.

Contact us for more information or to sign up as a Golden Plains volunteer.

Community Transport

Providing safe and supported transportation of elderly / frail aged, older persons and people with a disability to attend to doctor / specialist appointments, shopping and bill paying.

Volunteer Drivers for the north of the Shire are needed NOW!

Community Transport

Meals on Wheels

Delivering meals once per week to HACC eligible clients. The commitment varies based on the availability of the volunteer. Council will work together with you to arrange suitable involvement.

Chat and Chew Program - Community Meal Volunteers

Community Coordinators

Community Coordinators work together with the residents of their communities to determine priorities for their own future and then implement these priorities with Council support. 

They do this by designing and carrying out a community plan.

Community Coordinators meet approximately 8 times per year for generally 1 hour to implement and manage community plan priorities. Some Community Coordinators choose to oversee the implementation of the entire plan whereas others choose to take a lead role in establishing a project team to work on a particular priority area that they are passionate about. For example, Environmental or Arts and Culture projects.

Every three years, each community reviews their community plan. Community coordinators speak to various groups and individuals to discuss how the review may take place and encourage broad participation.

For more information on becoming a Community Coordinator in your area go to 


Community Coordinators



Planned Activity Groups (PAG)

These programs provide planned activities directed at enhancing the skills required for daily living and making and maintaining social connections and friendships.

General mixed groups are based at Bannockburn, Haddon, Rokewood and Lethbridge. Also, two men's specific groups at Bannockburn and Rokewood. Examples of general duties include:

  • Assisting with meal preparation and serving
  • Assisting with and participating in activities
  • Assist with transportation of clients to / from PAG programs
  • Providing general supporting clients
  • Interact and chat with clients

Planned Activity Groups (PAG)

Kindergarten Committees & Playgroup

Council operates kindergartens in partnership with volunteer kindergarten committees. While Council is the licensee and employer for the kindergarten, some other aspects of the operation of the kindergarten are undertaken by the volunteer committee.

Playgroup is for babies, toddlers and preschoolers and their parents or caregivers. Playgroups are informal, low cost and run by the parents and caregivers in them. Adults stay with their children at playgroup. This gives them the chance to meet other people going through similar experiences and ease the isolation that can come with caring for young children.

Kindergarten committees meet every month and there are a range of roles for committee members, including president, secretary, treasurer and fundraising. Playgroups typically meet every week for approximately two hours.

Kindergarten Committees and Playgroup


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