How to Reduce Waste

Australians now produce about 50 million tonnes of waste per year, averaging over 2 tonnes per person. Take a look at the below tips to help reduce your waste footprint.

How to reduce your waste:

  • Reuse sheets of paper that have been used on one side
  • Reuse old envelopes – cover the name and address
  • Keep a box beside your desk for storing to be reused
  • When you have reused the paper, place it out for recycling collection
  • If you do not wish to receive advertising material put a sign on your mail box
  • Proof read your work from a screen before printing a hard copy
  • Refuse plastic bags for single purchases, use reusable shopping bags
  • Reuse small plastic bags for fruit and veggies, or use a box or basket
  • Keep a few used plastic or cloth shopping bags, cardboard boxes in the car
  • If you are on an outing or holiday, where there is no recycling bin, take your items home for recycling
  • Give old clothes, toys, furniture and appliances in good condition to charity
  • Don’t forget to compost fruit, vegetable scraps, leaves, grass clippings and soft stemmed plants – no citrus
  • If you do not have a compost bin, you can dig fruit and vegetable scraps directly into the garden
  • Use an ice cream bucket to store fruit and vegetable scraps from the kitchen and empty daily into the compost bin

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