Incorporated and Reference Documents

This page contains a list of documents referred to or incorporated into the Golden Plains Planning Scheme, which help guide land use and development proposals. 

Reference Documents

Reference documents provide background information to assist in understanding the context within which a particular policy or provision has been framed. Reference documents have only a limited role in decision making as they are not part of the planning scheme. They do not have the same status of incorporated documents or carry the same weight. Reference documents in the Golden Plains Planning Scheme currently include:

Bannockburn Town Centre Investment Strategy

Bannockburn Urban Design Framework

Bruces Creek Master Plan

CCMA Regional Catchment Strategy

Gheringhap Structure Plan

Golden Plains Heritage Study Stage 1

Golden Plains Heritage Study Stage 2

Golden Plains Shire Recreation Plan

Golden Plains Shire Rural Land Use Strategy

Infrastructure Design Manual: Available at

Inverleigh Structure Plan Review 2005

North West Area Strategic Directions Plan 2000

Review of South East area Golden Plains Shire

Golden Plains Road Strategy

Smythesdale Urban Design Framework

South West Landscape Assessment Study

The Burra Charter 2013

Golden Plains Shire Background Issues Paper North West Area Study for Community Consultation 1999

Incorporated Documents

All Incorporated documents in the Golden Plains Planning Scheme can be viewed here




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