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Dardel Drive (Bannockburn Recreation Reserve) Update

In March 2021, Council decided that some of the land in the Bannockburn Recreation Precinct would not be needed for public open space, as originally planned. Since that decision was made, Council prepared the necessary documents and plans and lodged an application to rezone the land to ‘Neighbourhood Residential’. The application also included permission to subdivide the land into 51 lots.  

In March 2023, the Minister for Planning commenced the public exhibition of the proposal to rezone the land. As part of the Planning Scheme Amendment process, the community was invited to make submissions. Residents were then provided with the opportunity to present their submissions to a Ministerial Panel in September 2023.

You can view the rezoning application and fact sheets below:

  • Link to Council Fact Sheet February 2024 can be found here
  • Link to Council Fact Sheet March 2023 can be found here
  • Link to the rezoning application can be found here



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