Inverleigh Tree Succession Plan

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Following extensive community consultation, the Inverleigh Tree Succession Plan (the Plan) has been developed to detail the approach Council will take to removing and replacing trees in Inverleigh and outlines the ongoing management of significant trees and newly planted trees at four locations throughout Inverleigh.

The Plan was endorsed at the October Council meeting, noting further community engagement to determine the species of tree at the eastern entrance to Inverleigh. This recommendation followed inconclusive results from the Inverleigh Tree Succession Plan survey which was open to the community from Thursday 12 May to Thursday 16 June. 

Residents of Inverleigh were once again invited to have their say on the species of tree they would like to see as part of the eastern entrance and were also invited to make a submission on the Plan which was on public exhibition. 

Engagement Update

The feedback provided during the consultation period has been used to finalise the species of trees to be planted, as detailed below: 

  • Eastern Entrance - Eucalyptus Cinerea (Argyle Apple)
  • Eastern Entrance (near camping grounds) - Eucalyptus Camaldulensis (Red Gum)
  • Western Entrance - Angophora Floribunda (Rough Barked Apple)
  • Public Camping Grounds 
    • Bordering the camping grounds - Quercus species (Oak)
    • Within the camping grounds- Angophora Costata (Smooth Barked Apple Myrtle)

What Happens Next

Council is currently finalising the schedule of works. 

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