Governance Rules: Proposed Changes 2022

Governance Rules: Proposed Changes


At its 26 July Council Meeting, Council endorsed the proposed changes to the Governance Rules, and public exhibition period of the proposed changes, including hearing submissions at its next scheduled meeting.

Under the Local Government Act 2020, councils must have clear, instructive and transparent Governance Rules, which cover:

  • the conduct of Council meetings;
  • the conduct of meetings of delegated committees;
  • the form and availability of meeting records;
  • the election of the Mayor and the Deputy Mayor;
  • the appointment of an Acting Mayor;
  • an election period policy; and
  • the procedures for the disclosure of a conflict of interest.

Council adopted its existing Governance Rules on 26 October 2021, and in line with recent amendments to the Local Government Act 2020, Council is proposing several changes to the document following a comprehensive review. 

Amendments to the Local Government Act 2020 have made permanent provisions introduced in response to COVID-19 relating to the live-streaming of Council meetings and added a requirement for Council’s Governance Rules to include procedures for requesting and approval of attendance at Council meetings virtually.

The 25 proposed changes to Council’s Governance Rules are intended to comply with new requirements in relation to virtual participation in Council meetings and align Council’s Governance Rules to the best practice outlined in the Local Government Act 2020

The proposed changes to the Governance Rules include general amendments to the structure of the document, as well as the addition of explanatory and overview notes which improve the readability, flow and ease of engagement with the Rules. 

View the Proposed Changes

View the Draft Governance Rules

How You Can Be Involved

Council approved the proposed changes to the Governance Rules to be placed on public exhibition from Wednesday 27 July to Wednesday 17 August to allow public consultation on the amendments. A summary of the proposed changes to the Governance Rules is available online below or at Council’s Customer Hubs, 2 Pope Street Bannockburn and 19 Heales Street, Smythesdale.

View the Proposed Changes

View the Draft Governance Rules

Written submissions are invited from any person, and must be received by 9am, Wednesday 17 August. Submissions can be made online by completing the form below, by email to [email protected] or by mail addressed to the Chief Executive Officer, Golden Plains Shire Council, PO Box 111, Bannockburn, VIC 3331.

Community members can request in their submission to be heard in support of their submission at the 23 August 2022 Council meeting. Submitters can also nominate a representative to present their submission.

Make a submission:

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Privacy Statement

Golden Plains Shire Council will comply with the Information Privacy Principles as set out in the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014. Council considers that the responsible handling of personal information is a key aspect of democratic governance and is strongly committed to protecting an individual’s right to privacy. Council has in place a standard operating procedure that sets out the requirements for the management and handling of personal information. For queries regarding this Privacy Statement, please contact the Information Privacy Officer on (03) 5220 7104.

What Happens Next

Following the public exhibition process and hearing of submissions, Council will consider any changes before adopting the new Governance Rules at its August meeting. 

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