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Council Plan 2017 To 2021

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Council Plan 2017 to 2021

Be a part of guiding the next four year Council Plan 2017 to 2021.

Project Update

The draft Council Plan 2017-2021 is currently being developed by Council.  Almost 400 community members contributed to this process through a range of engagement activities including a survey, listening posts, workshops, and a community reference group.  For more information on the process and results of the community engagement, please follow the links below:

Community Engagement Process

Key Findings - Summary

Key Findings - Full Report

Provide feedback on the draft Council Plan

The draft Council Plan will be available for review and comment from Saturday 29 April via our website, and at customer service centres and community centres during business hours.  Community members will be able to provide feedback via a written feedback form, online, or by attending one of the listening posts held at community markets across the Shire in May 2017 in Bannockburn, Teesdale and Smythesdale.  


December 2016 – January 2017 - Initial community consultation: this survey, workshops and listening posts.

February 2017 – March 2017 - Council analyses all data and draws out key findings, themes and issues.

March 2017 - Second community consultation: Council brings key findings back to community for feedback.

March 2017 – April 2017 - Council develops the draft Council Plan.

May 2017 - Third community consultation: the draft Council Plan opens for community review and input throughout May.

June 2017 - Councillors are presented with a report on community feedback and any recommendations for change to the draft plan.

27 June 2017 - Councillors to adopt final Council Plan 2017-2021.         



About the project

Council is working with the community to produce a new four year (2017-2021) Council Plan. The Plan will guide how Golden Plains Shire Council will deliver projects, facilities and services to make the Shire an even better place to live.

What is the Council Plan?

The Council Plan describes Council’s strategic objectives, ways to achieve the objectives, indicators for measuring progress and the resources required to implement the plan for at least four years. In short, it is a roadmap to how we can get to where we want to go.

How can we work together?

We want to work with the Golden Plains’ community to determine our strategic directions and objectives for the next four years. We want to make sure we let you know about what’s happening and how you can contribute to the development of the Plan, as well as the overall process we will be following. Council will use community feedback, as well as other information we have gathered, to inform the draft Council Plan for 2017-2021, which the community will then have the opportunity to review and to provide further comment.

Why are we doing this?

The Council Plan influences everything Council does, and includes the Strategic Resource Plan. To make sure we are heading in the right direction, we need to work with the community to ensure the work we’re doing reflects the community’s priorities for the longer term. 

Council is seeking the views and ideas of the community around four themes that reflect the key service areas of Council and the services that contribute to the health and wellbeing of the Golden Plains Shire community: 

  • Promoting Healthy and Connected Communities
  • Enhancing Local Economies
  • Managing Built and Natural Environments
  • Delivering Good Governance and Leadership.

We will also be considering a range of data, including insights from our Municipal Scan, which you may wish to look at when considering the above themes.

How does the Council Plan influence the future?

The Council Plan, Strategic Resource Plan and Council Budget help shape the work of Council, and as a result, the services and benefits available to residents and ratepayers from Council.

The Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan

The Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan sets out the broad mission, goals and priorities to enable people living in the municipality to achieve maximum health and wellbeing. This document will be incorporated into the Council Plan.

If you feel passionate about the health and wellbeing of the wider community, make sure you take this opportunity to provide input into the health and wellbeing priorities for the Shire.


How the community has been involved

Community input is important to the development of the Council Plan; our community engagement process included opportunities for community members to:


The survey is now closed. Thanks to all who contributed their thoughts and ideas. We are now collating the information provided by the community. The findings will be made available in coming weeks.

Listening posts

The listening posts have concluded for the first phase of consultation. Thank you to all of the residents who joined the conversation at one of the events in November and December.

Community workshops

Community workshops were held at the following locations in January. Thank you to all who attended and shared their ideas.

Community Reference Group

A Community Reference Group has been selected from a range of sources including:

  • Residents who self-nominated an interest in the recent Council Plan survey
  • Randomly selected ratepayers
  • Randomly selected representatives from community groups across the Shire.

Please click here for further information about the selection process.

The Community Reference Group will meet three times to contribute to the development of the Council Plan:

Council Plan Introduction and Consultation Key Findings Workshop Monday 27 February 2017, 6.30pm-8.30pm Bannockburn Cultural Centre, Bannockburn
Draft Council Plan Workshop Tuesday 9 May 2017, 6.30pm-8.30pm Rokewood Memorial Hall, Rokewood
Project Evaluation Workshop Wednesday 28 June 2017, 7pm-8.30pm The Well, Smythesdale


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Council acknowledges the traditional Wadawurrung owners of this land. Council pays its respects to Wadawurrung Elders both past and present and extends that respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People who are part of Golden Plains Shire.