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Community Engagement Strategy Implementation Review

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Thank you to all community members who contributed to a review of Council's first Community Engagement Strategy (2016-2020). Please see below for a summary of community feedback.



Council adopted its first Community Engagement Strategy (2016-2020) in August 2016, with 850 community members contributing to its development. The Strategy outlines what is important to community members, Council’s vision for community engagement, and how we plan to achieve our goals.

We reviewed the implementation of the Strategy in 2018, and prepared a Progress Report which outlines our achievements so far, as well as key issues and recommendations for the future.

Read the Summary Report (six pages), or the Full Progress Report (includes a detailed analysis of program data, case studies of engagement practice, and recommendations for the future). 

Engagement Update

Engagement Update: 

The Progress Report was shared with the Community Engagement Strategy’s key stakeholders, including community members, staff, and Councillors, who provided feedback March – May 2018.

Eight community members filled in the community survey. Survey results supported the findings reported in the ‘Community Engagement Strategy Progress Report’ (2018), which suggests that Council should proceed with the recommendations in the Progress Report to address community concerns and continue to improve in our engagement practice.

View the three-page survey report which outlines the community’s feedback, or see below for a brief summary.

View community survey results

Summary of community feedback

What we are doing well

  • Council has visibly increased in its efforts to involve communities
  • Council is ‘making good use of social media’
  • Engagement opportunities are ‘more accessible to the community’
  • There is more visible engagement in the community
  • The appointment of a Community Engagement Officer is ‘an excellent move’.

How we can improve

  • Ensure engagement is genuine: listen to what the community says, and make sure community feedback informs decision making
  • Increase number of engagement opportunities, and the number of departments engaging with community
  • Increase the influence community members have over the process and outcome
  • Communicate with community in a more accessible manner ‘absent of management speak and clichés’
  • Improve honesty and transparency
  • Councillors and staff should get out and be more visible in the community.

What Happens Next

What Happens Next: 

A workshop was held in May 2018 with 16 staff from across the organisation who manage engagement processes to discuss the Progress Report’s findings. Staff worked together to discuss practical ways to continue to improve our community engagement practice.

The results of the community survey will be used to inform the ongoing implementation of the Strategy until July 2020. Progress on the Report’s recommendations will be regularly monitored by the Community Engagement Officer, and will be reported back to the community prior to the development of a new Strategy.


Jan - Feb 2018: Internal review of Strategy implementation Sep 2016 - Dec 2017, Progress Report prepared

Mar 2018: Feedback from Council management and Councillors, Progress Report endorsed for public feedback

19 Apr - 11 May: Community feedback open

Jun - Jul 2018: Feedback analysed and review completed

Jul 2018 - Jul 2020: Ongoing strategy implementation

Contact Information

Susan Firth-McCoy
Community Engagement Officer
5220 7111
Project Category: 
Community Development
Last Updated: 
Monday, August 13, 2018
Project Status: 
Past Project
Council has reviewed the implementation of our first Community Engagement Strategy, to understand what is working well and what we need to improve.

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