Bannockburn Growth Plan

The Bannockburn Growth Plan (Growth Plan) will guide the sustainable growth of Bannockburn to the year 2050. This consultation is now closed.

Feedback on the Bannockburn Growth Plan closed at 5pm, Monday 23 November. Thank you to everyone who had their say.



The Bannockburn Growth Plan (Growth Plan) will guide the sustainable growth of Bannockburn to the year 2050. The Bannockburn Growth Plan will identify where and when future housing may be developed. It will also identify what infrastructure is needed to support the growing community, such as roads and community facilities, and land for employment and retail.


Bannockburn is one of the fastest growing towns in regional Victoria. The population is expected to reach more than 13,000 people by 2036, but there’s a shortage of land available to develop for new houses. The Bannockburn Growth Plan will identify land for houses and ensure the infrastructure is provided to support these new homes.

Bannockburn is the largest town in Golden Plains Shire. The Victorian Government and Council see it as an ideal place to support Golden Plains’ growing population, thanks to its existing infrastructure and amenity.


The Bannockburn Growth Plan and subsequent priority Precinct Structure Plan have been identified as a project on the VPA’s Fast Track Program. 

The project will use the VPA Projects Standing Advisory Committee to consider unresolved matters and provide advice to the Minister and the VPA prior to VPA finalising the amendment for the Minister for Planning’s consideration.

Engagement Update


In March 2020, the Victorian Planning Authority and Golden Plains Shire Council asked the Bannockburn community what their priorities were for the future of their town. The community outlined their priorities, including improvements to shopping facilities, transport, recreational facilities and green spaces. 


The VPA has prepared a draft amendment to the Golden Plains Planning Scheme to include the Growth Plan as a Background Document and make changes to the Planning Policy Framework. The draft Amendment will enable future decisions about the town’s growth to be guided by the Growth Plan.

The VPA invited submissions on the Growth Plan and accompanying draft planning scheme amendment documents from 26 October to 23 November 2020. The VPA held an online drop-in session in November, and the project team were available to speak to interested community members throughout the engagement period during business hours, and at an after-hours phone consultation in November. During this period, the VPA received 36 comments and questions from members of the public, and a total of 39 written submissions. The VPA is working to resolve these submissions were possible, and has published a Public Consultation Report on its website:

What Happens Next

As part of the VPA – Fast-Track Program, the Bannockburn Growth Plan will now be considered by the VPA Projects Standing Advisory Committee, which will provide advice on the draft planning scheme amendments to the VPA and Victorian Minister for Planning.


To read the Bannockburn Growth Plan, the full set of draft planning scheme amendment documents, click the link below:

Bannockburn Growth Plan

Residents who are unable to access the Growth Plan on the website are encouraged to call Laura Wilks, Council’s Coordinator of Strategic Planning on 5220 7271 to arrange a hard copy of the plan.

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