Fines, Penalties and Internal Reviews of Infringements

Residents who have received an infringement can apply to Council to have the infringement reviewed. The ability to apply for an internal review is described in Section 22 of the Infringements Act 2006.

To apply for a review of an infringement notice, download the fact sheet About applying for internal review of an infringement notice  and complete the Application for Internal Review of an Infringement Notice.  Lodge with Council at one of our Customer Service Centres or via email to [email protected].

You may apply for an internal review under the following circumstances:

  • Contrary to Law,
  • Mistake of Identity,
  • Special Circumstances
  • Exceptional Circumstances.

Further information relating to these circumstances are listed on the fact sheet and the application form.  You must provide clear evidence of the circumstances you believe apply to your situation. The Internal Review Panel determines the outcome of the review based on the information supplied to them. Do not send any original supporting documents only send in copies of any information to support your application. 

If you require assistance with completing the Application for Internal Review of an Infringement Notice, contact Council on 5220 7111.

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