Permit to Burn

Permit to burn - Applications

During the Fire Danger Period (FDP) a Schedule 13 permit may be issued to an individual person under Section 38(1) of the Country Fire Authority Act 1958, to enable that person to burn off grass, stubble, weeds, scrub, undergrowth or other vegetation. Permits are usually issued to farmers late in the FDP to allow them to conduct stubble burning.

Applications for permits to burn for agricultural purposes are available online through the Fire Permits Victoria website here or at the link below:



CFA District 7 has a Frequently Asked Questions document which can be found here


CFA Contact Details

CFA District 7 (Geelong)

PO Box 586 North Geelong VIC 3215 (5240 2700)

[email protected]


CFA District 15 (Ballarat)

PO Box 242 Wendouree VIC 3355 (5329 5500)

[email protected]


CFA District 6 (Colac)

PO Box 298 Colac VIC 3250 (5232 5600)

[email protected]


Council does not issue permits to residents to burn off garden waste piles or for other purposes during the Fire Danger Period.



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