Avian Influenza 2024

Avian Influenza has been identified in six farms in Golden Plains Shire

Bird Flu

Agriculture Victoria are responding to the detection of avian influenza at seven Victorian poultry farms. Six of these farms are located within Golden Plains Shire.

All six properties in the Lethbridge and Meredith areas are confirmed to have the H7N3 strain of avian influenza. 

These properties have been placed in quarantine and all poultry has or will be safely disposed of. The sites will be cleaned and cleared of the infection.

Agriculture Victoria has also implemented movement and housing controls around the infected premises.

Any suspicion of an emergency animal disease (EAD) should be immediately reported to the 24-hour EAD Hotline on 1800 675 888 or to your local vet.

Agriculture Victoria Update - 17 June 2024

Following an avian influenza outbreak near Meredith that started on Wednesday 22 May 2024, movement and housing controls are in place to prevent the spread of avian influenza.

Housing requirement

Agriculture Victoria has issued movement controls that include a housing requirement for all birds within the restricted areas and control areas in Meredith and Terang.

Under the housing requirement, all poultry farmers and backyard flock and bird owners must house or keep their birds enclosed in cages or sheds as practically as possible.

Agriculture Victoria staff are on-the-ground to support businesses and are working closely with industry to contain and eradicate the virus. Contact tracing is also underway to determine the source and spread of the infection.

Avian influenza is a viral disease of birds found globally. Virus strains are described as low pathogenicity (LPAI) or high pathogenicity (HPAI).

While cases among humans in direct contact with animals infected with highly pathogenic avian influenza viruses are possible, the current risk to the public remains low.

Poultry farmers, backyard flock and bird owners are urged to report any cases of unexplained bird deaths to the VicEmergency Hotline on 1800 226 226.

While cases among humans in direct contact with animals infected with highly pathogenic avian influenza viruses are possible, the current risk to the public remains low. Find out more about avian influenza in humans from the BetterHealth Channel.

Restricted Area and Control Area

A Restricted Area around the affected property and a broader Control Area buffer zone around the affected property have been implemented by Agriculture Victoria.

The following directions relate to the map image below:

  • Restricted Area. (Red) A person must not move applicable poultry livestock into, within or out of the restricted area unless they have a permit. 
  • Control Area Order. (Purple) Requires permits for the movement of poultry, poultry products and equipment on or off the properties in these areas. 
  • Red and Purple areas - All birds and poultry to be housed in cages or sheds.

Penalties apply for those who do not follow these restrictions.

Please call Agriculture Victoria on 1800 675 888 if you require a permit or you have sick or deceased poultry.

For the latest updates from Agriculture Victoria, click here.

Go to Avian influenza | Poultry diseases | Animal diseases | Biosecurity | Agriculture Victoria to see if you are in a restricted or controlled area.

Avian Influenza Community Information Flyer

Support for farmers

Individual affected farms will experience significant financial stress.

Compensation is payable under specified circumstances for destruction of livestock and property on infected premises.

Compensation in an Emergency Animal Disease outbreak | Emergency animal diseases | Animal diseases | Biosecurity | Agriculture Victoria

Other supports are available including:

  • The Rural Financial Counselling Service (RFCS)
  • The Farm Household Allowance (FHA) is a fortnightly Commonwealth Government payment for farming families in financial hardship
  • Low-interest loans for farm businesses are available through the Commonwealth Government’s Regional Investment Corporation (RIC)

The Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements (DRFA) do not apply to a biosecurity emergency.

To see if there are any current incidents or warnings in your area, please visit emergency.vic.gov.au/respond.

You can also follow Emergency Victoria on Facebook or Twitter.

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