Local Environmental Groups

Interested in the environment? Why not join like-minded people with your local environmental group.

Some of the benefits of joining one of these groups include:

  • Property assistance through programs including pest plant and animal control and revegetation

  • Learn about the challenges that our natural environment faces

  • Learn to identify native vegetation and native animals

  • Learn to identify and control weeds and pest animals

  • Be involved in projects such as revegetation, waterway restoration, weed and pest animal control

  • Attend field trips and field days 

  • Understand soil health and geology

  • The importance landscape connectivity  

  • How to remediate landscape fragmentation, erosion and salinity.

Council assists its local Landcare networks through funds each year to undertake environmental based projects across the Shire.

Landcare can also offer assistance to landholders looking to protect waterways and remnant vegetation, including fencing, revegetation, and treatment of weeds and pest animals. For more information visit the links below.

Local environmental groups

Woady Yaloak Catchment Group

Woady Yaloak

  • Grenville Landcare Group
  • Haddon Landcare Group
  • Misery Moonlight Landcare Group
  • Pittong Hoyles Creek Landcare Group
  • Rokewood Landcare Group
  • The Dales Landcare Group
  • Werneth Landcare Group

Leigh Catchment Group

Leigh Catchment Group

  • Bamganie-Meredith Landcare Group
  • Leigh and District Landcare Group
  • Ross Creek Landcare Group
  • Grenville Landcare Group
  • Napoleons/Enfield Landcare Group
  • Garibaldi Landcare Group

Geelong Landcare Network

Geelong Landcare Network

  • Batesford, Fyansford and Stonehaven Landcare Group
  • Brisbane Ranges Landcare Group
  • Leigh District Landcare Group
  • Maude and District Landcare Group

Ballarat Environment Network

Find them on Facebook.

Other Environmental and Friends of Groups

  • Inverleigh Leigh River Public Open Space
  • Friends of the Teesdale Grassy Woodlands. 
  • Friends of the Bannockburn Bush. Find them on Facebook 
  • Friends of the Inverleigh Nature Conservation Reserve. Find them on Facebook
  • Friends of Brisbane Ranges. Find them on Facebook.

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