About Investing in Golden Plains

Golden Plains Shire offers excellent opportunities for investment, business expansion, and new business development.

Located between Geelong and Ballarat, the Shire has access to a skilled workforce, transport infrastructure, available land, natural gas and the National Broadband Network.

Rapid growth has driven demand for investment in infrastructure and services, with 20,544 people living in Golden Plains Shire, and the population projected to increase to 28,841 by 2031.

Investment Taskforce

Golden Plains Shire Council has established an Investment Taskforce. Led by the CEO, the Investment Taskforce works with investors to provide guidance and advice throughout the application and development process.

Golden Plains Food Production Precinct

Golden Plains Food Production Precinct offers significant opportunities for investment and growth in intensive agriculture.

Click here for further information on the Golden Plains Food Production Precinct here.

For further information on investing in Golden Plains Shire contact Council's Senior Economic Development Officer, email: [email protected]

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