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Road Hierarchy

The road network has a hierarchy comprising Highways, Main Roads and Local Roads. Highways and Main Roads are fully managed (except in townships) by VicRoads from VicRoads’ Geelong Regional Office. Highways are A and B class roads and Main Roads are C class roads in the statewide route numbering system.

Local Roads

Most Local Roads within the Shire are the responsibility of Council; for management, maintenance and construction. Some unformed roads and tracks in forest areas and CFA fire access tracks are the Shire’s responsibility; others being the responsibility of Government Departments such as DEPI.

Unsealed Roads 

The unsealed road network, managed and maintained by the Shire, is approximately 752 kilometres in length. An annual grading program is conducted on all gravel roads within the Shire. The budget allowance nominally provides each gravel road within the Shire with two grades per year. However, some roads will receive more grading while others may only be graded once a year if at all, as determined by traffic use, road and weather conditions.
Want to Report a Problem?

The most common defects reported for roads include potholes, corrugations, road narrowing or deterioration of road surface. If you wish to report a Local Road defect/fault, please contact Council’s Customer Service Centre on 5220 7111 or report an issue online.


CouncilRoadsResponsibility map.jpg

A and B Class Roads (managed by Vicroads) highlighted in blue and red.

Works within a road reserve - guide and form

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Council acknowledges the traditional Wadawurrung owners of this land. Council pays its respects to Wadawurrung Elders both past and present and extends that respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People who are part of Golden Plains Shire.