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Community Strengthening Grants Program

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Golden Plains Shire Council Community Strengthening Grants Round Two Open

Council's Community Strengthening Grants Program has been a valuable source of financial support for local events, projects and programs in Golden Plains Shire communities for 26 years. There are two rounds of grants each year, with applications usually opening in April and September.

Grants of up to $10,000 were available in four categories:

  • Healthy Active Living – to support recreation, sport, health and wellbeing projects
  • Creative Community – to support arts and culture projects
  • Environment and Sustainability – to support projects that improve the environment
  • Community Safety – to support projects that equip communities to be safe and resilient

Groups must match the amount of funding sought, either in cash or through volunteer in-kind contributions, such as volunteer work on the project. 

Environment and Sustainability

The Environment and Sustainability Grants Program offers grants to assist incorporated groups, organisations and individuals to undertake environmental and sustainability projects on public and private land within Golden Plains Shire.

Grant Guidelines


Creative Community

Creative Community Grants are available to assist incorporated group and organisations to undertake arts and culture projects within Golden Plains Shire that directly benefit the Golden Plains Shire Community.

Grant Guidelines


Healthy Active Living

Healthy Active Living Grants are available to assist incorporated groups and organisations undertake sport, recreation, health and wellbeing projects that directly benefit the Golden Plains Shire Community.

Grant Guidelines


Community Safety

Community Safety Grants are available assist incorporated groups and organisations to undertake projects within Golden Plains Shire which increase the community's capacity, resilience and connection to plan for, deal with and recover from emergencies or ongoing risks. 

Grant Guidelines


To view Council's Community Strengthening Grants overall Project Guidelines, click here.

For more information about the Community Strengthening Grants Program please contact:

Community Services Administration Officer

Phone: 5220 7109

Round Two 2021 Recipients

In the second round of this year’s grants program, Council awarded a combined $74,991 to the successful groups to deliver sixteen projects across three categories: Healthy Active Living; Creative Community and Environment and Sustainability.

The successful groups were announced to the community at the Council Meeting on Tuesday 23 November, with the recipients invited to attend in person or tune into the livestream to hear Councillors read out a statement on each of the successful projects.

In this round, grants were allocated to 15 local organisations, ranging from the Turtle Bend Committee of Management, to the Woady Yaloak Athletic Club. The supported projects include establishing a Landcare group for the Bruce’s Creek/Bannockburn area, upgrading community facilities, and supporting new opportunities for community members to connect and get physically active.

Council’s contribution of $74,991 for the second round of grants this year will deliver $149,982 in total value (across the 16 projects) to local communities across Golden Plains Shire and it is estimated that 762 volunteers will be engaged in these projects.

Congratulations to the successful groups (click on each group to read about their project):

Creative Community Grants

Haddon Community Learning Centre Inc:

Haddon Community Learning Centre Inc is seeking to establish a professionally equipped video recording studio at the Haddon Community Learning Centre, with the intention of being able to record/broadcast online content for adult learning courses, activities, workshops, events and the development of records and videos. Council is pleased to provide $5,000 toward the Haddon Community Learning Centre Recording Studio.

Turtle Bend Committee of Management:

The Turtle Bend Committee of Management are working to further increase accessibility at Turtle Bend with the Turtle Bend Bridge Path Project. The project will complement the recent upgrades at Turtle Bend, with the design and construction of a path on either side of the new recently installed bridge. In keeping with the Turtle Bend focus of Indigenous flora and fauna, the path will symbolise a blue tongue lizard. Council is excited to provide $8,000 towards the Turtle Bend Bridge Path Project.

Healthy Active Living Grants

Teesdale Mechanics Institute Committee of Management:

The Teesdale Mechanics Institute Committee of Management seeks to install a wall of mirrors at the Teesdale Community Hall. The Here’s Looking At You project will add value to the facility by providing a mirrored wall that is both aesthetically-pleasing and can be enjoyed by regular hall users, while assisting users with group activities. Council is excited to fund this project to the value of $5,850.

Smythesdale Pentanque Club:

The Smythesdale Pentanque Club has been successful in securing a grant to improve the lighting capacity at the Woady Yaloak Recreation Reserve building. This will provide a safer environment for all users, while also allowing for the Petanque activities to be played in the evening. Council is proud to support the Smythesdale Pentanque Club with $2,000 towards the lighting project.

Turtle Bend Committee of Management:

Council is pleased to award the Turtle Bend Committee of Management a $2,130 Community Strengthening Grant to hold a series of lantern-making workshops in Teesdale, Inverleigh and Shelford. The inclusive lantern making workshops will ensure broader participation in lantern-making and encourage local engagement in the annual Turtle Bend Lantern Parade held at Turtle Bend in Teesdale.

Rokewood and Corindhap Football and Netball Club:

The Rokewood and Corindhap Football and Netball Club have been successful in securing a $10,000 Community Strengthening Grant for its Goal Safety Netting project. The project will see goal post netting installed at the Rokewood Recreation Reserve to help improve public safety.

Woady Yaloak Historical Society:

The Woady Yaloak Historical Society seeks to replace the World War 1 Memorial sign located in front of the Ross Creek Community Hall, which has been affected by weather exposure. Council is pleased to contribute $374 towards the project, which will provide community members and visitors the opportunity to learn about and recognise the dedication of soldiers from the Ross Creek area that served in World War 1.

Bannockburn Golf Club:

Council is pleased to support the Bannockburn Golf Club to purchase a new trencher and irrigation pipelines. Council is contributing $5,772 towards the project that will support the upgrade of the current sand scrapes and provide new grass for the greens at the Bannockburn Golf Course. The planned upgrade aims to increase physical and social participation by encouraging community members to take up golf.

Woady Yaloak Athletics Club:

Council is proud to award a $10,000 Community Strengthening Grant to the Woady Yaloak Athletics Club for a new storage shed in Haddon. The storage shed will provide the Athletics Club and Haddon Auskick the ability to store equipment close by, ensuring the viability, security and lifespan of the equipment, and provide safer access to equipment for club volunteers.

Sutherlands Creek Tennis Club:

The Sutherlands Creek Tennis Club has been successful in securing a Healthy and Active Living Community Strengthening Grant. Council will contribute $5,900 to the club’s Foundation Stone and Outdoor Area Enhancement project. The funding will be used to create a rejuvenated outdoor place to welcome the community and enhance what has become an important multi-purpose facility for the community.

Teesdale Cricket Club:

The Teesdale Cricket Club seeks to purchase a point-of-sale system to assist volunteers to track sales and complete financial requirements, ensuring better financial reporting. Council is pleased to provide $2,796 to the Club for the purchase of the new system, which will increase the capacity and capability of their community volunteers with financial accountability.

Volunteering Geelong:

Volunteering Geelong’s Building Stronger Volunteer Community Advocates project will provide volunteers from across Golden Plains Shire with training on advocacy skills. Council is pleased to award Volunteering Geelong with a $3,850 Community Strengthening Grant for this project, which aligns with Council’s Community Planning Program Action Plan 2021 – 2024, seeking to build the advocacy skills of Community Coordinators from the 23 Volunteer Community Planning Groups.

Bannockburn Cricket Club:

With the population of Bannockburn growing and the popularity of women’s cricket well-established, the Bannockburn Cricket Club is seeking to encourage active participation, social connection and further increase women’s sporting opportunities with their first female cricket team. Council is proud to provide $3,500 to the Club for the purchase of safety and sporting equipment for the team.

Dolphins Basketball Club:

Council is pleased to support the Dolphins Basketball Club to purchase new training equipment and storage. Council is contributing $4,211 towards the project that will provide opportunities for the community to reconnect and be socially and physically active, while ensuring participants are supported to upskill and reach their full potential.

Environment and Sustainability Grants

Moorabool Catchment Landcare Group:

The Moorabool Catchment Landcare Group will deliver a first of its kind demonstration of new innovative technology for the local agricultural and environmental community. Council will contribute $607 for the project, with the demonstration day to consist of spraying approximately 6.5ha of Gorse along Back Aston Creek and Eclipse Creek in Meredith.

Geelong Landcare Network Inc:

Geelong Landcare Network Inc has been successful in securing $5,000 to establish and build the capability of a new Landcare group to be called the Bruce’s Creek Catchment Landcare Group. The new group will fill a gap existing between the current Landcare groups in the area and build community capacity for environmental action in the Bannockburn/Bruce’s Creek area.

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