Create Crate

Would you like to hire out the Create Crate to make a Pop-Up space in your town? Put your imaginative thinking caps on and create what’s missing in your town!

The Create Crate is a mobile trailer with lots of goodies to create great spaces packed into a tradesman’s trailer. The Create Crate is full of giant games, juggling and circus equipment, deck chairs, fake grass and much, much more!

Find out what is in the Create Crate here.

Groups in the Golden Plains Shire can hire the Create Crate for one day or a month to create a pop-up space in your town, it’s up to you! We want you to use the resource for as little or as long as you think it will take to get your community excited about your fun and exciting space!

The goal is for communities to use the mobile resource to make new and inviting places to meet and interact in their own towns. The Create Crate can be used to engage and connect communities, to showcase and recruit new participants to opportunities that are on offer, to trial new activities, or to revitalise an underutilised place.

If you want to set up a weekly cricket game in summer then here’s your chance! What about a place for after school activities? Or somewhere to catch up with friends and even make new ones? 

More Resources

Are you using the Create Crate to make a Pop-up Space in your town? If you are, and would like to get lots of tips and tricks to create a great community space download the ‘Creating Spaces’ resource kit designed by place-making world leaders Co Design Studio here.

If you are using the Create Crate as part of an event you can also visit the Event Planning Hub for tools and information to help you in planning your event.

How to book the Create Crate

1. Contact Council to check whether the Create Crate is available for your project by calling (03) 5220 7111 or emailing [email protected]. Please note that Community Groups will be given preference over private bookings. 

2. Complete and return the Create Crate Hire and Booking Form which can be found below. Alternatively a Council officer can provide you with the Create Crate Booking and Hire Form as part of the Create Crate Hirer’s Pack. You must read and agree to all of the Terms and Conditions of hire.

3. A Council officer will contact you to confirm your booking and provide you with the Create Crate Hirer’s pack (or you can download below) which contains information about how to use the Create Crate, inventory of items, tip sheets and the Return Form you must provide at the end of the hire period.

4. On the day that the nominated driver picks up the Create Crate they will need to provide:

  • $100 bond cheque payable to Golden Plains Shire Council
  • Hirer’s fee ($20 for community groups, $30 for businesses and individuals)
  • Copy of nominated driver's Victorian Driver’s License
  • A completed Safe Work Method Statement for the use of the Create Crate at their event or pop up space.

5. When the nominated driver returns Create Crate to Council on the agreed date, they must bring back the fully completed Return Form, completed Participant Forms and notify Council of any losses, breakages or issues with the Create Crate and/or its items.

6. When the Create Crate is returned a Council officer will undertake an inventory check and if it has been returned in a satisfactory state will organise for the Hirer’s bond to be returned.

Create Crate Hirer’s Pack

The Create Crate Hirer’s pack has all of the information and forms needed by groups when they hire out the Create Crate. You can download the whole pack or just the forms you need below.

For more information contact Council on (03) 5220 7111 or email [email protected] 

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