Powering Community Buildings With The Sun

Media Release

Community buildings in Meredith, Scarsdale, Inverleigh, Haddon, Teesdale and Bannockburn are now solar powered thanks to funding from the Berrybank Wind Farm.

As part of the Berrybank Wind Farm’s Community Engagement and Benefit Sharing Plan, solar panels have been installed on a number of Council- and community-owned facilities, including the Meredith Community Centre, Woady Yaloak Kindergarten, Northern Community Centre, Inverleigh Early Learning Centre, Haddon Kindergarten, Teesdale Children’s Centre and Bannockburn Family Services Centre.

The 195 panels across the seven sites are expected to reduce the carbon footprint of the community buildings by 98.5 tonnes per year. Global Power Generation Australia appointed Off-Grid Energy Australia to deliver the solar panels at the seven facilities in Golden Plains Shire.

The $170,500 solar program from Berrybank Wind Farm’s developers Global Power Generation Australia (GPG) will also see solar systems installed on low-income housing in Golden Plains Shire.

Golden Plains Shire Mayor Cr Helena Kirby welcomed the installation of solar panels at the local community facilities.

“Council was very pleased to work with Global Power Generation Australia to see seven of our community facilities in Meredith, Scarsdale, Inverleigh, Haddon, Teesdale and Bannockburn go solar.

“Council is committed to playing our part in reducing the emissions, and it’s great to see our community benefiting with more wind and solar energy thanks to the Berrybank Wind Farm.”

Berrybank Wind Farm’s Community Engagement Officer Nathan Micallef said GPG is proud to make a lasting positive impact to the local communities surrounding the wind farm.

“In addition to reducing carbon emissions, the installation of rooftop solar systems to local community facilities and low-income housing will significantly decrease their electricity bills.”

Construction is complete on Stage 1 of the Berrybank Wind Farm, with 24 wind turbines built in the south-west of Golden Plains Shire and 19 over the border in Corangamite Shire. Construction recently began on Stage 2 of the wind farm and will see a further 9 turbines built in Golden Plains Shire and 17 in Corangamite Shire.

Global Power Generation Australia is also contributing to other projects across Golden Plains Shire, with funding for the Teesdale Turtle Bend Reserve Upgrade, as well as the Three Trails and Northern Streetscape projects.

Pictured: Golden Plains Shire Mayor Cr Helena Kirby, Off-Grid Australia Manager – Victoria & Tasmania Aaron Lewtas, and Berrybank Wind Farm Community Engagement Officer Nathan Micallef recently visited the Meredith Community Centre to see the final installation works take place. The Centre houses Council’s Meredith Kindergarten, as well as an Occasional Care program, playgroup and neighbourhood house services operated by the Meredith Community Centre Inc.

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