New Flood Management Plan For Golden Plains

Media Release

Together with the Victorian State Emergency Service (VICSES), Council recently updated the Municipal Flood Emergency Management Plan (MFEP) for Golden Plains Shire.

With four major waterways, Golden Plains Shire has seen a number of flood events in its past, particularly along the Leigh River at Inverleigh and Shelford.

The MFEP is a sub-plan of Golden Plains Shire Council’s Municipal Emergency Management Plan, and details how a flood emergency will be managed before, during and after it occurs - or potentially occurs - in Golden Plains Shire. The Plan sets out:

  • The local flood risk;
  • The implementation of mitigation and planning measures to minimise the causes and impacts of flooding;
  • The emergency management arrangements; and
  • The linkages with Local, Regional and State emergency and wider planning arrangements.

Following approval from the VICSES and the Chair of Municipal Emergency Management Planning Committee earlier this year, the MFEP is now in effect, and is available on the websites of the VICSES and Council.

Responding to flood and storm emergencies is the responsibility of the VICSES, with Council playing an auxiliary role when required. Residents seeking information about a flood or storm emergency are encouraged to:

  • Visit the Vic Emergency website, which covers all emergencies at
  • Contact the VICSES storm and flood emergency hotline on 132 500
  • Visit the VICSES website at

For more information on emergency management in Golden Plains Shire, or to access the new Municipal Flood Emergency Management Plan, visit

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