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Community planning update – August 2017

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Thursday, 17 August 2017 - 12:00pm

Local volunteers are doing amazing work in the Community Planning space!

Community Planning is a program where residents come together to develop and implement Community Plans, a document of priorities and actions, to improve their own communities.

Council provides support, but the program is community-driven, and this is the key reason why it is such a huge success. People get involved for the love of their community, and this passion drives positive and meaningful change and development.

There are currently 23 communities involved in the program – each with a team of volunteer Community Coordinators and often further support from volunteering residents. Community members involved in Community Planning should be very proud of their achievements – Council certainly is, which is why we’re going to provide regular updates on our website, social media and other channels. We want the Golden Plains’ community to see what these local superstars are doing to develop, enhance and shape their communities.

Please find below an update on key activity in the Shire’s Community Planning process.

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Mannibadar Community Planning volunteers have now finished their Plan – wonderful news! The volunteer Coordinators will present it to Council at the next Council meeting, then it will go online for all to see. The focus areas of the new Plan are as follows:

  1. Hall improvements
  2. History/heritage projects – such as the ‘100th anniversary of settlement in area’ celebration
  3. Social/recreation projects – such as social nights and new cricket nets
  4. Advocacy projects – this will include advocating to VicRoads for upgrades
  5. Speed limits and signage – this will include new school bus stop signs


Councillors were very impressed by the Batesford Community Plan and the Coordinators’ presentation of it (special mention goes out to resident David Farrell). The Plan will help to see the development of paths and trails in the township, the installation of improved community lighting, the delivery of exciting events – and more. We can’t wait to see the projects unfold.

Ross Creek/Smythes Creek

The Ross Creek/Smythes Creek Community Coordinators recently developed a local survey to collect ideas for their new Community Plan.  They received 55 responses – impressive response rate! Lots of great ideas were put forward, and on Friday 21 July, a community forum was held to vote on these innovations, ideas and projects.  The top picks were as follows:

  1. Environmental Task Force for local reserve upgrade and maintenance
  2. Town website
  3. Health and Wellbeing initiatives, such as new bike and walking paths and exercise stations
  4. Community Connectedness – e.g. Community get together and more
  5. Stake Park & BMX Track
  6. Roads e.g. Advocate for improvements
  7. Young People & Kids – more events and activities

The next step involves the Community Planning Facilitator, a consultant who helps deliver the program, working with the Coordinators to turn the ideas into a formalised and actionable Community Plan. 


Haddon has completed their community forum and are putting the results into their new Community Plan.


Enfield has re-joined the program (congrats Enfield!), and will be developing their new Community Plan this August. We are delighted Enfield is back in the program and can’t wait to see what they come up with and deliver!


Lethbridge will begin a new Community Plan in September.  We look forward to seeing exciting and meaningful projects unfold in the Lethbridge community.


View a list of the latest Community Plans here or contact Olivia Naughtin, Community Development Team Leader on 5220 7111 for further information.

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