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Art Hero: Lindy Allinson

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Wednesday, 21 February 2018 - 10:00am
Arts and Culture

Lindy Allinson works with lino print, sculpture and acrylic on canvas and is delighted to be featured at the Golden Plains Arts Trail (South Trail) for the first time from one of the Trail’s most anticipated venues – an old church-turned-gallery.

Lindy’s love of art is intrinsic and has no bounds. She said “Art is as vital as air to me.  To lose oneself in instinct alone, to shut out society’s chatter, to give yourself over to pure intuition, results in a feeling of pure freedom.”

Lindy’s art, in her own words, ‘whispers female-friendly spirituality, woven amidst labyrinthine sensory stimulation.’ Her recent installations, inspired by a trip to Iceland, explore the beauty of female identity.

Lindy’s recent works, including pieces from her ‘Women defined by Woman’ series, expose her innate spiritual nature and strong drive to empower women. “Iceland was life-changing, in that I unexpectedly found myself amidst an entire society where men did not define women – they defined themselves,” said Lindy.

“Gone were male-defined ideal female attributes. Women were natural, relaxed, free to be themselves, and safe. They were equals of men,” Lindy added.

Lindy has over 40 years’ experience in the arts world. She was tutored by her artistic mother when she very young and self-taught until 25 years ago, when she attended Geelong Fine Art School. Over the years, her work has evolved, bringing with it a maturity and wisdom; all of which can be viewed and enjoyed at the 2018 Golden Plains Arts Trail.

Lindy will showcase a framed lino print, large sculpture and framed acrylic on canvas. Her plans for the ‘Little White Church’ include ensuring visitors have a unique sensory experience, with fragrance and props adding to the visual stimuli.

“Each work will, at first glance, appear to represent modern western society’s definition of woman. Yet, as with the Crone, what seems a scary old witch, is really something much different. The closer you come, the more she changes. Enter her world and you discover a woman of beauty, wisdom and warmth,” Lindy said of her art.  

Lindy is excited to join the Golden Plains Arts Trail this year. She said, “What I truly love most about the Arts Trail is that it gives a public venue for the talents of so many artistic women who might otherwise go unrecognised and unappreciated.”

Lindy will exhibit at the Golden Plains Arts Trail – South Trail (24-25 March) from the Little White Church, Regent Street, Steiglitz

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