12 items you must include in your payslips

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Attention Golden Plains Shire business owners, did you know there are specific requirements you need to include in your payslips? Correct record keeping and payslips are key things the Fair Work Ombudsman inspects during a business audit, and you are at risk of a large penalty if not done correctly.

Are you prepared for a Fair Work Ombudsman audit?

12 items you must include in your payslips:

  1. Employer’s name
  2. Employer’s ABN
  3. Employee’s name
  4. Date of payment
  5. Pay period
  6. Gross and net amounts paid
  7. Pay as you go (PAYG) withholding amount
  8. Deduction details (if any)
  9. Any loadings, allowances, penalty rates or other paid entitlements
  10. Superannuation contributions - include the amount and to which superfund
  11. Employees on hourly rates - their ordinary rate, the number of hours worked, and total amount of pay at that rate
  12. Employees on salary - the rate as of the last day in the pay period

Now, check your payslips with the help of our printable checklist and see if they meet the requirements. It’s important to get things right as an employer - keep your employees happy and stay compliant to avoid any penalties from the ombudsman.

Need help? Contact the free advice line for employers on 1300 495 955 if you have any questions, or go to Workplace Assured

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