Lorraine Smith - Journey of a Lost Manuscript

Lorraine Smith

Bookshop owner and author Lorraine Smith reveals the results of her eighteen months of research in this fascinating easy-to-read narrative.

In 2014 a customer in a Warrnambool second hand bookshop found a sixteenth century parchment from Yorkshire inside a copy of Alice in Wonderland.

Book shop owner and author Lorraine Smith joins us to reveal the fascinating results of her 18 months of research into this old world discovery.

Lorraine Smith studied Applied Science, specializing in chemistry, at university and qualified as a mathematics and science teacher. After a career in teaching and raising a family of four children with her husband Neil, her love of books led her to opening a second hand bookshop in Warrnambool in the year 2000.

This book is her third foray in writing non-fiction, having written her family history in 2013 and co-written Warrnambool, a Photographic View with Neil in 2015.



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