Council Elections

Council elections are conducted by the Victorian Electoral Commission.

Candidate Information 

The Councillor Candidate Information Fact Sheet provides key information for candidates including, but not limited to: election timeline, requirements, induction program, and benefits and entitlements. You can also learn more by reading the Candidate Handbook on the Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) website and the Safe Campaign Guidelines.

Councillor Candidate Information Fact Sheet

Councillor Induction Schedule

VEC Candidate Handbook

LGV - Safe Campaign Guidelines

Councillor Candidate Liability Insurance Cover Information

Required Candidate Training

The prescribed (required) candidate training will be delivered via an eLearning module, facilitated by Local Government Victoria. Local Government Victoria have advised the training will be available from early August 2020. The training must be completed before a candidate nominates.

Candidate Training

Required Training FAQ

Election Period

The Election Period commences on Tuesday 22 September, 2020 and concludes at 6pm, Saturday 24 October, 2020.

Council has an Election Period Policy in place to ensure that the ordinary business of Council can continue throughout the election period in a responsible and transparent manner.

Election Period Policy

Voter Information

The Golden Plains Shire Council elections will be held by postal ballot. Ballot packs will be mailed out by the Victorian Electoral Commission to all registered voters from 6 October, 2020.

If you are 18 years or over on election day, and live, or are a ratepayer in, the Golden Plains Shire, you are eligible to vote. In order to vote at the elections you must be correctly enrolled on the Council voter role by 4pm, Friday 28 August, 2020.

To enroll, check or update your voting information, please visit Victorian Electoral Commission.

Enrolling for Local Council Elections

Information on Candidates

The VEC has provided a short video outlining how you can find information on candidates, including where they stand on various issues that you may care about.

Watch Video

Key Election Dates

11 Aug - MAV Stand for Council Information Session 10am (Online Session)

28 Aug – Voting enrolments close 4pm

1 Sept - VLGA Candidate Information Workshop 4pm (online session)

3 Sept - VLGA Candidate Information Workshop 4pm (online session)

16 Sept - Requests for large print or braille ballot pack close

17 Sept - Opening of Nominations. Requests for ballot pack redirection close

22 Sept - Election Period Commences. Candidate nominations close 12pm

6 Oct – Ballot Packs mailed out

23 Oct – Voting closes

24 Oct – Election Day. Election Period concludes.

13 Nov – Declaration of Results (Note: Results may be declared prior to this date)

Campaign Donation Returns 

Within 40 days of election day, all candidates must give the Chief Executive Officer an election campaign donation return.  The due date for the 2020 Election is 3 December 2020.

This will provide details of any gifts, goods or services worth $500 or more, received during the donation period for use in connection with their election campaign. This applies to all candidates, whether elected or not, and whether they received campaign donations or not.

The ‘donation period’ is defined as the period beginning 30 days after election day in the previous election and ending 30 days after election day in the current election.

Within 14 days after the deadline for lodgement of completed campaign donation returns by candidates, summaries of each return lodged will be made available on the relevant council’s website for a period up until the entitlement date for the next general election.

Summary of Returns - 2020 General Elections

Candidate Name

Campaign Donation Return Received

Donor, Description and Value of Gift

Clayton Whitfield Yes No disclosable gifts
Gavin Gamble Yes Australian Greens, Victoria - Campaign Spend $3,936.38
Brett Cunningham Yes No disclosable gifts
Tim Harrop Yes No disclosable gifts
Owen Sharkey Yes No disclosable gifts
Ian Getsom Yes No disclosable gifts
Andrea Mahon Yes No disclosable gifts
Les Rowe Yes No disclosable gifts
Nathan Hansford Yes No disclosable gifts
Joanne Gilbert Yes No disclosable gifts
Helena Kirby Yes No disclosable gifts
Greg Nyary Yes No disclosable gifts
Cameron Steele Yes
Elaine Steele - Cash $100
Peta Steele - Photographs $200
Sophie Van Gunsteren - Pamphlet Layout $120






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