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Feedback on Inverleigh Works Plan

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Thank you to the 53 residents who shared their response 




At its Ordinary Meeting on 28 May 2019, Council resolved to set aside the Draft Inverleigh Streetscape Masterplan and to deliver the routine and minor maintenance works identified through the community consultation and engagement process. The Inverleigh Works Plan will be completed as part of Council’s annual road and drainage maintenance program and additional improvements funded from the 2019/20 capital works program.

The Inverleigh Works Plan: What You Told Us

Fix Road Surfaces
Council asked residents to report any pot holes or road surface issues in Inverleigh, and 31 people responded with locations of concern (22 respondents skipped this question). There were six locations that received multiple responses:

  • Napier Street
  • High Street
  • Newman Street
  • Mercer Street
  • Common Road
  • Hopes Plains Road

The Council’s Works team will now draft a ‘To Do’ list for road repairs, delivered based upon available budget.

Plant and Protect Trees - Option two
To protect the long-term health and root systems of the street trees, Council will install bollards in downtown Inverleigh. The majority of residents who completed the survey voted in favour of Option 2, which are bollards made in Australia from recycled plastic. Council has ordered these
bollards, to be installed as soon as they arrive. During the community consultation, several residents expressed a desire for more trees in Inverleigh. With the confirmation of two-way traffic in the service roads and the existing parking configuration, new trees will be planted in Inverleigh River Park, creating a natural barrier between the street and the new Pick My Project playground. A community planting day will be scheduled to celebrate the new playground, a project that was driven by local families of Inverleigh.

Street Furniture - Option four
Survey respondents to the community consultation listed a variety of desired street furniture in the Inverleigh streetscape. The majority of residents who completed the survey voted in favour of Option 4, which matches existing Australian-made street furniture in Golden Plains Shire. Council has ordered this furniture and it will be installed as soon as it arrives. The survey also asked if residents wanted bike racks in the Inverleigh Streetscape area and 73.5% of respondents voted
yes. Council has ordered bike racks and these will be installed in the near future.

Better Drainage
To deliver significant improvement to drainage in the Inverleigh streetscape would require structural infrastructure such as kerb and channeling. During the community consultation in March, survey respondents clearly stated they did not want major infrastructure changes in downtown Inverleigh.
Within the current annual road and drainage maintenance program budget, Council will complete a routine clean out of the drains in downtown Inverleigh in 2019.

Improve Parking
As part of the Draft Inverleigh Streetscape Masterplan consultation, Council made a commitment at its Ordinary Meeting in February to retain two-way traffic in the downtown service roads. With this two-way traffic flow locked in, the current configuration does not allow any opportunity to increase parking. However, Council will formalise the existing parking with new line-marking.

Additional Maintenance Works
In addition to addressing the five issues identified in the community consultation, Council is working across Inverleigh to complete the following works projects in 2019:

  • Inverleigh Primary School Crossing Improvements: repair, paint and maintain school crossing paths and
  • infrastructure.
  • Completed: Crossing works on the service roads. Council is awaiting approval from VicRoads to complete crossing
  • works on the Hamilton Highway.
  • Extend footpaths to road edge in the township area to improve use conditions at several intersections.
  • Completed: Increased size of turnout area at toilet block to allow for RV vehicles to turn, reducing recurrence of
  • potholes.
  • Clean and maintain the War Memorial and other art pieces as identified in the Arts and Monument Audit report – June 2019.
  • General maintenance in township area including removal of overgrown vegetation on car parks.

What Happens Next

What Happens Next: 

The Inverleigh Works Plan will be completed as part of Council’s annual road and drainage maintenance program and additional improvements funded from the 2019/20 capital works program.

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5220 7111
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Tuesday, October 29, 2019
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Past Project
Thank you to the 53 Inverleigh residents who provided feedback.

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